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When we were booking our room in HCMC our number one priority was to score a place with a pool. It had been so hot that we needed to do some pool side chillin and take a break from the sweaty hustle and bustle of the city. The Huong Viet Hostel claimed to have a pool on the website we booked on, but upon arrival we learned the pool was at a nicer hotel that was nearby that you had to pay a hefty price to use or a public pool that was a couple blocks away. Either way we were going to be in one of these pools and just a bit disappointed the pool was not at our place. 

Today we decided to check out the local public pool. We asked the X Man how to get there and obliged by drawing a very extensive map- it was about a ten minute walk.

 We brought a bag of San Miguel beers we had from the other night and we were ready too chill. We found it pretty easy, it was about .25 cents to get in and the beers were no problem. The pool was nice and clean with a good amount of people spending their afternoon at the watering hole. It didn't seem like too many foreigners came here as many people were staring at first then followed up with questions about why we would be there. It was pretty funny and made the experience that much better. They sold beer, pop, and snacks also so we stuck around for a couple of hours and had a surprisingly good day at the pool. We had been skeptical of the pool because in the USA you never know what you may run into at a public pool, but this one was cool.


On the way back I noticed the noodle joint the X Man was always raving about was open- so I had to grab a bowl of pho. Joe declined on this as his stomach had not been doing all that well- maybe had to do with the food at the Cambodian hut party. I was all good though and was ready to put down some pho. The restaurant was small with a lady and her son running the show. I think they only served one dish as I didn't place any order- they just started getting the noodles ready as soon as I sat down. I did order a beer though and soon had a huge bowl of pho with all the fixings in front of me. I put everything in there, loaded it up with hot sauce, and got down to business. This pho stuff was great- I had found my dinner spot for the remainder of our time in HCMC. Although the only problem with the spiciness was that it was already hot as hell out and now I was eating the hotness and then I was a sweaty mess-pretty much every time I ate there that was the result.


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