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We woke up early today- it was the last day of our adventure overseas as we had booked a flight to New York City. We got a map from the front desk and received directions of how to reach Vatican City and we were out. We caught the 98 bus, looked where to pay, and couldn’t figure it out, so we didn’t pay. We watched and it didn’t look like too many people were paying so whatever, we weren’t the only ones. We first noticed St Peters Basilica’s dome and knew it was time to get off and just followed that way. Once we got in there in it was super cool- I mean these places were spectacular, just standing in the big circle out front of St Peters was insane. I couldn’t imagine being there for Easter or Christmas mass; I will have to make it back one day.

We found the line to get in St Peters and jumped right in, it stretched around the whole circle but only took about a half hour to get through. St Peters was huge and ornate to say the least, defiantly the largest church I had ever been in. From there we just followed the map and went to all the locations circled by the girl at our hotel. The pantheon, fountain de trevi, and circus maximus were all spectacular and hard to imagine how old everything really was. Another site we had to see was the Sistine Chapel, so we found it and paid the 15 euros to get in and then we were checking it out. It was pretty cool but very crowded; we tried to take some pictures but got shut down by some workers, that was a bit embarrassing. The walk to the chapel is through a rather extensive museum of catholic relics and what have you.
The next site was the Coliseum across town- this place was top notch cool. The walk there is down a big road that runs right into the coliseum so you see it from far away, all the while on your right and left are statues of all the emperors, ancient ruins, and still intact buildings.  This walk was a pretty sweet deal. We passed on going inside the coliseum and taking a tour, we settled on walking the perimeter and trying to look in whenever possible. At this point of the trip I was “toured out” and didn’t feel like paying anymore fees. We walked around for a good 12hrs and felt we had seen most that Rome had to offer and decided to return to the hotel and get our stuff ready for our flight back to the states- of course after we ate some pizza.

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people did fall
people did fall
photo by: vulindlela