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Today the plan was to go to Jerusalem and see all the sights for the day. We woke up early and figured we would take the bus there as it was not too long a ride and seemed fairly priced. Although once we got a cab to take us to the bus station the cabbie explained that he could take us to Jerusalem and just wait for us all day for about the same amount of money. We debated and crunched the numbers and in the end he was right because we would have had to pay him for the ride to the station, round trip bus ticket, and then another cab back to the hostel. His name was Moses and he was a cool dude, his cab was nice and he had good conversation during the ride. He agreed to give us 3-4hrs to explore the old city and he'd be waiting for us at Jaffa Gate, the same place he dropped us off.

The Old City was pretty awesome and took you back in time by just being inside the walls. The crazy thing is everybody still living inside the Old CIty, its not just a tourist/mueseum type attraction its a city. The streets were very cool just wandering around them haggling with shop keepers and trying to figure out which one your even on. We got a map as soon as we got there from a tourist office located right at Jaffa Gate and it worked pretty well. Our first stop was at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and that was quite amazing. Many people were at this site and many people seemed like they were having spiritual expierences of the highest order. This place is thought to be where Jesus was crucified and buried  so that was the reason for the peoples reactions. It was definitely a cool place to see and then see how much it meant to so many people.
So after that we roamed the streets a bit more before finding ourselves in the Jewish Quarter. So we went to check out the Wailing Wall- this are was rather large and also crowded with many making pilmgrimages. We went to the Wailing Wall to touch it and say a prayer but we walked up on the womens side- oh man, there was a lot of yelling as we were approaching and then we realized it was directed at us and then that we were the only men in this area, so we got out of there and we did not touch the wall on that side. Next we were on to the mens side of the wall when again we were yell at by some people- we thought what could we have done? We didn't put on the yamaka- dang, we were screwing this whole thing up, so we walked back and they had some for people who didn't have one to wear. We put em on and then said our peace and then returned the borrowed yamakas. After that we tried to get in to the Muslim part but it seemed to be closed for some reason, so we left it at that and just bumped around the city for a couple more hours. We met back up with our main man Moses and cruised back to Tel Aviv, I was able to tell Moses about my Las Vegas adventures as he was very interested in Vegas and gambling. Our day at the Old City was a good day and I was leaving another place I never thought I'd be.

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photo by: daynnightraveller