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Today while out cruising on the mopeds we ran into an interesting individual. We stopped at a 7-11 to buy some gatorade to rehydrate as it was crazy hot out. Were out in front cooling down and some rustic old timer rolls in on a motorcycle- he looks like he came here for vacation and never left. Just being polite Joe and I nod at him and say hello as he passes by, but he blows us off and just walks into the store like we didn't exist. We thought that was a bit odd but whatever. So once he comes back out he greets us, "So you finally made it to Koh Phangan?" he asked. We replied accordingly and he preceded to welcome us to paradise. He then preceded to tell us about three things we need to watch out for on the island-
1) The Police- he said watch out for them.
Do not take any contraband on to the streets as there are many checkpoints and a thai jail is no place to be.
2) Motor bikes- he said beware of other drivers as many people ride around drunk or may not be the most experienced of riders.
3)Massage Ladies- when it came time to tell us the third hazard, he waited for a moment, then an attractive young lady rode by and he told us the massage ladies were #3 on his list. He told us that they could perform "hypnosis" through "covert black magic". This sounded made up to me and we questioned this joker but he was quite adamant about it, he said you will wake up one day and it will be ten years down the road and you are married with kids in Thailand, and you don't even know how it all happened. He compared it to us playing a computer game against someone who had never played, we would win of course, and thus we wouldn't know when the black magic would hit us and could do nothing about it.

Overall the guys advice was pretty solid if not weird. We parted ways with that dude who may have been the victim of black magic himself.
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica