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Our time on Koh Phangan was winding down so we decided to give Koh Ra one more shot and make sure we got to the top this time. We cruised the mopeds over to the bottom and got started. We went all the way to the top in about 90 minutes and it was all good. Not a bad way to start the day. Until we started on our way down. About 5 minutes after we started Joe broke a tree branch that he had grabbed to brace himself, and then he was stung by something on his cheek. I was looking at his cheek to see what it was when Joe took off running and yelling to get out of there. He was being stung more and had got one right in the eye! I myself was stung a few times in my arms. Once we ran from the bee area we stopped to assess what just happened, and Joes eye didn't look good.
He couldn't see out of it and was in a lot of pain. We still had to get to the bottom, so I gave Joe some help and alerted him to unseen obstacles on the trail. We had no water to rinse his eye out with cause we drank it all on the top. So our priority was to make it to the hostel at the bottom and get some water and maybe shower. I had been there before and there were some nice people who had sold me bananas, water, and let me rinse off in a shower. Once we arrived the nice people were not there and only one lone thai guy was and he refused to help at all. He told us to go to Thong Sala- whatever, we cruised back to Benjamins Huts where Joe cleaned his eye and attempted to sleep it off. He would have a painful red eye for another day but it all turned out OK, it coulda been worse.
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica