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sunrise at Angkor Wat
Today we woke up at 5am to take our tuk tuk ride to Angkor Wat- it was well worth it. Our main man Raa from the No Problem Villa would be our driver for the day and we were looking for him in the lobby but was no where to be found. So we went out to the street and found Raa sleeping on a chair, so we woke him up and hit the road. It was about a 20 minute ride in the tuk tuk and then we were at the gates getting our picture snapped and our cool tickets with our pics on them. The ruins and temples were freakin awesome. We arrived right before sunrise and went right past everybody waiting for the sun to come up(we still took a couple photos) and get that great photo. This was a good idea because Joe and I were the only ones in the areas and were ahead of all the tour buses.
This allowed for us to have many photos without tons of people in them and for us to get what photos we wanted without having to wait our turn. I would have to say that Angkor Wat is well worth the trip to Cambodia.
Everything about the place was super tight and its pretty accessible. Theres a number of different areas and Raa would cruise us to each and then tell us where we would be able to find him sleeping at a food stall. At each sight they would have about twenty stalls with food and arts and crafts for you to check out so make sure you have some cash on you- we didn't and a little girl told us what she thought about that, "You don't have money, you don't come here" is what she said. That was another amazing aspect- all the little kids who are poor beyond what I could even imagine and they are all speaking english.
They're telling me about Barrack Obama and all the states in the USA- I gave them the little money I had on me for a flute and some other knic knacks. So I did show up with some money. We were done with what we needed to see in four hours and were back at the villa by 10am, thus beating the extreme heat and the loads of buses. I'd say you gotta go there.
So once we returned to the No Problems Villa we encountered a new problem- the other night when all drunked up I had agreed to attend a Cambodian wedding with Raa and his monster squad. While hanging in the lobby using the computers Raa reminded us about it, and that we would each have to give $20 a piece for a gift. When we heard this we grew a bit suspicious of his motives as $20 in Cambodia is a lot of money.
It seemed like he may have been using us to up his profile, and it seemed a bit disrespectful to show up at a wedding being the only foreigners tossing around big money. We thought we'd be better off skipping it and told Raa so, and then the situation got ugly. We were no longer everybodies friends and I ended up getting the squeeze play put on me by Raa- he said that they had already reserved our spots at the wedding and now we were screwing them, I doubted that, but he basically ended up begging me for some money and I gave him $10 to end the situation. I really just wanted to tell him to fuck off but didn't because we were staying at his place and pissing off Cambodians while in Cambodia was not in the game plan.
With that situation handled it was time to score dinner and some Anchor Beers. We went out with the German couple who also were not happy with the No Problems staff for similar shakedown tactics. We ended up going down to Pub Street and had a good night out on the town.
seangee says:
It probably would have been fun but it seemed wrong to go uninvited by the people who's wedding it was, and that it did become a "forced situation"
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
flying_dolphin7 says:
So you didnt go for that wedding huh?
dont like the feeling being "force" :(
Posted on: Jul 28, 2010
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sunrise at Angkor Wat
sunrise at Angkor Wat
ghost walking by me
ghost walking by me
photo by: ulysses