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A cow having breakfast at a bakery (Mysore, India)

Tired of the standard breakfast served in hotels consisting of overcooked omelet and soft toast, we roam the streets around our hotel looking for a bakery. We’ve already found out that there are plenty of bakeries in India and that they all serve a wide assortment of sweet bread. Most bakers even let you taste pieces of all the rolls before you decide what to buy.

Within a few minutes we smell fresh baked bread and we see a small worn down building that has a window display of bread and cake. Getting in isn’t easy though, since a handsome brown cow is nearly blocking the entrance. His huge head sticks just about inside the shop, glancing the bread with anticipation. My husband and I giggle as we carefully nudge the animal so we can pass.

‘How Indian,’ I tell him as we enter the bakery.

The cow continues in to stand in the doorway opening and we decide to act normal and look what bread to get. Then I hear hoofs on the floor. The cow obviously thought he wasn’t making himself clear enough by just standing in the doorway. He has now entered the bakery and is trying to get behind the counter.

The baker smiles and takes a dozen of slices of bread which he patiently feeds to the cow. He then gets a bag of pink powder and rubs it onto the cows forehead. The cow, who just finished the bread, slowly turns around and leaves the bakery again, leaving us poor tourist in utter astonishment. Things couldn’t possibly get more ‘Indian’ than this!  

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A cow having breakfast at a bakery…
A cow having breakfast at a baker…
photo by: chiyeh