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Oh my god, I saw an Ocelot.  Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, the last few days have been really really cool.
Since arriving in Cusco now some two weeks ago, have done possibly the two highlights of the trip.  Firstly we went on the Inca Trail.  THE Inca Trail, yup.  Can you tell I´m rather pleased with myself with that one.  It was a great experience and involved climbing a 4200m pass on the second day, and then possibly the most amazing days trekking I have ever had on the third day as we travelled down through cloud forest, Inca Tunnels and along ridges  with perilous descents into deep gorges on either side, plus the odd Inca Ruin perched on hillsides.  The views were awesome.  If any of you ever ever ever go to Peru do the Inca Trail above all else.  (it involves booking at least three months in advance and so does require some forward planning but it is so worth it!!).  The fourth day involved getting up early and going to see the amazing site that is Machu Picchu.  Its the kind of place that is hyped so much, but it is worth all the hype, the view as the sun comes up from the hillside (where you get all those classic Machu Picchu photos) is really great, even if it does keep disappearing in and out of the mist!!!  We even climbed the big hill that you see in the photos behind the site.  The place itself is a fascinating citadel to walk around, though by midday there are so many fat americans who took the bus up thats its well worth leaving to go and soak in the hot springs in the nearest town.  So we did!
Then after a couple of days rest we headed off into the jungle for a few days.  It was awesome to be down in proper rainforest.  Seeing all the various wildlife, various types of macaws, snakes, hundreds of birds, several rather large trees(!) and best of all, seeing wild river otters, catching baby caimans and a wild ocelot down by the river hunting.  We were so lucky with the wildlife.  It was the first time our guide had seen a wild ocelot before.  The jungle was awesome and really was so much more than I had been hoping it to be!!
So now I'm back in Cusco desperately finding out where the apostrophe is located on this infernal keyboard!!  And also preparing to head off to Arequipa tonight.  There is so much more we could do in Cusco, but damn it we don't have the time.  Only two and a half weeks left to go and really  can't put a foot wrong in terms of itinery or we could be screwed.  Oh well, such is the joys of taking your time during the first half!!!
Hope all is still well at home.  (apart from the sad sad news about Steve Irwin).
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photo by: Vlindeke