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Well hola everybody, hope that all is well back in England. 

Congratulations on being selected a winner as part of our main prize draw with a chance to win something nice.  Basically I´ve added  various people (some who have requested and others who should be informed whether they like it or not) to a mailing list for various updates on my travels round south america.  To unsubscribe locate nearest cliff and hurl self off.  Its now day ten and the Argentinian part of our adventure is coming to an end.  We´ve spent five days in Buenos Aires, basically having a look round what is a very lovely city.  Its kind of everything I´d hoped Paris to be.  Basically Parisian architecture but without the silly height restrictions and lots of shiny glass tower blocks and skyscrapers amongst the older stone buildings.  I think Robin would approve!   Also went to the Boca district of the city and had a tour round "La Bombonera", Boca Junior´s massive football stadium.  Very cool, but unfotunately we´ve missed the start of the Argentinian season by half a week and therefore didn´t get to go and see a match which is a little disappointing but oh well.  It was also very very cold.  We were wearing two fleeces to go out at night and always had one fleece on during the day!!

Then a riveting 22 hour bus journey to the city of Salta (much warmer) 1600km away in the north of the country.  Haven´t seen so much of this city, but we´ve been busy white water rafting and then going camping and trekking and reaching the summit of a nice little 3700m peak!!!  To get up this peak we had a guide dog!  Basically instead of the ranger taking us up there he sent his dog instead (though we never did see them together!).  This dog would run in front of us, showing the way up (vaguely) and would wait for us and come  back and show us the right way if we strayed onto the wrong path.  It was hilarious but he definately got us up the mountain because it was a tricky ascent, with many paths and mainly through forest.  It was meant to be cloud forest and so very spectacular, but its the dry season!

Have been eating lots and lots of steak here!!  But haven´t found anywhere to try mate.  We´re all now craving fruit and veg!
So back in  Salta following our trek, and tonight we´re going to party like its 1699 (well done if you spot that song lyric)  and head off to
Bolivia tomorrow.
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