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Slayer in concert!

I thought (for some stupid reason) that it would be gorgeous the entire time we'd be here.  Stupid! Stupid!  Stupid!  Interlaken is nestled in the heart of the alps with huge mountains all around.  Our first day here we did not do much and it was beautiful.  There's a fast moving river running through the outskirts that connects two huge amazingly blue lakes.  I cannot believe the landscape here.  Switzerland is definately more beautiful than France and England.  I don't think that even Greece will be more beautiful.  I love it here. 

We're staying at a hostel (Balmers) that's known as being the place to be to party and it's also a jumping off point for all the extreme sports.

A randon crowd shot during the festival.
  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I can go rafting or hangliding.  Who knows..  Ev and I are keeping pertty much to ourselves as we're not that interested in hooking up other guys (or girls, heh heh) and everyone here seems more into the extreme sports and we're more into the concert.  We drank a lot the first night and took advantage of the two for one drinks between 9 and 10.  I'm kind of getting tired of beer, but gin and vodka are so expensive. Here a beer is about 5-6 Swiss Francs and a gin and tonic is about 9-10.  Too much.. 

Yesterday kind of sucked though.  We had no room booked because we hoped we would be able to tent at the concert, but we could find no tents and figured a hostel would be safer for our bags.  Balmers was sold out for that night, so we were moved to a tent village that was, for the best I guess, nearer the concert.  Ev and I spent the most of the morning trying to track down where you buy the concert tickets.  We ended up following these randon tickets and walked about 3km the long way out to the concert find that you can buy the tickets on the spot...but they don't take credit cards...and the nearest ATM is back in town.  Great.  On the walk back to town, it starts to rain.  We rush back to the hostel, buy umbrellas, get lunch, and withdraw enough money.  There is a shuttle bus that meets at the train station that gets you out to the concert and we hop on it.  By this time it is pouring, pouring, pouring.  We buy our tickets, walk about five steps inside the grounds and turn around.  Fuck this.  My shoes are soggy all the way through and weƤre both getting chilled.  We take the shuttle back and wait the rain storm out at the hostel. 

It does clear up about five hours later, so we move our things to the tent village and walk to the show.  There are a lot of cute little German metalheads.  I couldn't quit smiling at them when they blather on in a language I don't understand and then pause and say "hardcore!" while making the metal sign.  So funny!  We saw Slayer on the main stage.  I really wanted to die without ever seeing Slayer.  And the worst part is that they really weren't that bad.  NOOOOOO!  Next, we saw Juliette and the Licks on the sub-stage which was in the coolest, hugest tent ever.  It was fun just to see Juliette Lewis in person, but she also was pretty good and had a really frantic stage persona.  Awesome.  Next, we made it back to the main stage to catch Manson.  Now, I've never been a big Marilyn Manson fan.  I think he's kind of a douchebag.  But his show was alright.  I watched more of the big screen than the stage because there were so many people there that even at the closest I could get, he was still far away.  And I still couldn't see through the people and hands and crap.  Of course, we couldn't get any good photos because our camera decided to start shutting off due to low battery as SOON as we stepped on the grounds.  We'll get that fixed before the Pumpkins on Sunday.  We then left after a few songs of Sonic Youth as we were getting tired and I was getting a leg cramp that's still pissing me off today.

So...I don't know what we're doing today.  The bands suck today (My Chemical Romance, The Killers) and my leg is killing me, but I'm sure we'll find something.  Maybe...rafting?  Hangliding?  We are going to be in Interlaken for three more nights and then to Salzburg for two nights.  That's all we have booked so far, but we're looking into Budapest for three nights after that and Eger (Hungary) for two or three nights after that.  We'll see. 

If you want to check out the festival website, it is at  Also, moms and dads...  we'll be making phone calls over the next three nights.  We just need to make them so late at night and there's always such a line as about 95% of the people staying here are North American that we don't mave much opportunity to use the phone.  And, once again, we're still trying to look into uploading our photos. patient..  they should be up before we leave Interlaken.  Oh, and please e-mail your addresses to kalin.jensen(at) so we can unload our postcards on you.  :)

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Slayer in concert!
Slayer in concert!
A randon crowd shot during the fes…
A randon crowd shot during the fe…
photo by: sherryshakarob