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View from our Paris Hotel.

Well, the grand idea of bringing a laptop to Europe has backfired.  Windows has crashed and (of course) our backup discs are at home in storage somewhere.  So now our entire London leg`s photos are help captive as well as the journal entry for June 10.  Anyone want to FedEx us some Windows backup discs?  Heh heh... We also now cannot upload photos as we do not have USB cable to upload to internet cafe computers.  We`ll try to find something soon.  As they say in Paris, c`est la vie!


Yesterday was very busy.  We woke up, checked out, and met Chantal for breakfast.

Statue of Charlemagne in the park outside the Notre Dame.
  Something to note if zou come to London: you get fries with breakfast (not hashbrowns), eggs are automatically poached unless specifically mentioned otherwise, bacon is actually back bacon/canadian bacon, the English love tomato based baked beans first thing in the morning, and if you order coffee you`ll be asked if you want it white (with cream) or black (without). 


We ate quickly, said our farewells, arranged to meet in Prague in a month and a half, and took off for Waterloo Station on foot to take the Chunnel we had booked the night before to Paris.  It was there that we also bought a 3-zone 1-day pass for the Paris Metro.  I would advise against doing this unless zou plan to visit the suburbs.  Instead, I would wait until you arrive in Paris and get a 1-zone 1-day pass, as it is all anyone would need.  It covers all major sights and train stations for a fraction of the price.  Oh well.


We arrived in Paris 3 hours later, took the metro to Bastile station, and quickly for lost finding our hotel that I specificallz booked because it was so close to the station.

The Notre Dame. This picture does NOT do it justice. :)
  Luckily a cute frenchman asked for a smoke off Ev and we used the trade for directions to the hotel...only a block and a half away!  The french have a reputation of being rude and adverse to speaking English, but we did not find that at all.  I made a point of starting all conversations with “bonjour” and intended to bucher my way though a converstion in French, but everyone offered to speak English.  It was wonderful.


(The Swiss French we encountered in a few days were even nicer...love the Swiss... French speakers are so wonderful and accomodating... honestly dont know how they get the bad name)


Our hotel had steep winding staircases that I promptly fell down and hurt my leg and am lucky I fell to the side and not face first.  The room was little more than a bed and a window with flowers, but.....it had its own bathroom....with a shower!!!  I took a shower immediately as it was my first shower in three days.

I forgot what this was called.


It was then already past 6:30 and it was our only night in Paris.  We decided to use the hell out of our metro pass and see everything in three hours:  “How?” you ask.....


1)Hop on the metro and head to Notre Dame

I had never even seen a picture of the place before and when I came around the corner, I could not stop gawking “oh my oh my oh my.”  More beautiful than St. Pauls Cathedral in London.  Can hardly describe it.  Best sight in Paris!  Every little nymph, gargoyle, saint...perfect and amazing. Also a statue of Charlemagne sits out front.  Its awesome too!  We took about 500 pictures from every angle before walking down the Seine to a metro stop that would take us to...


2)The Eiffel Tower

Cliche? Yes.  Worth it? Yes!  We popped out of the fasted and more efficient metro in the world (I believe it) and could not find the tower.  How can you not see it!?  After walking a block, we stopped between two buildings and it popped into view.  We took only about 200 pictures of this one as well as one of the military in camo carrying machine guns under the tower.  I didnt take the photo as i didnt want to get shot, but Ev did!  A wonderful man I met on the train out of Paris who is French now living in Quebec City told us that its a new development since 9/11 to fight terrorism that never actually happens.  Also? The guns are not even loaded.  We did not pay the money to go to the top.  Decided to move along on the metro to...


3)The Arc De Triumph

It is gaudy, but given the plethora of Itallian shops in the town, I guess they needed a huge Romanesque building themselves.  Also? Its in the middle of the most terrifying traffic circle in the world.    Death trap.


4)Walk along the Champs-Elyse

Probably spelling that wrong.  This road leads out of the Arc.  I guess you dont have to do this, but I loved it becasue of that catchy song I sung in my head that I learned back in French class at McNary.


5)Go to the McDonalds on the Champs-Elyse

To get a Royal with Cheese, of course!  However, rather hillariously, perhaps too many Pulp Fiction fans came before us...they were actually sold out of Quarter Pounders!  Can you believe it!?  What was more hillarious?  Ev dejected face as we headed back to our Bastile Hotel.  Ha ha ha..


We finished the night off with an overpriced (but not by Paris standards) dinner and people gazed from our balcony.  Paris is beautiful, but way too loud and busy.  Motorcycles rule the streets (and sidewalks) and people honk their horns 24/7. 


Right now we are between Dijon and Lausanne, on the way to our two night stay at a B&B in a small Swiss town named Le Paquier (Evs post follows).  Trains so far are wodnerful and quiet.  I think we will choose long travel days over quick overnight stays.  Guess it gives me more time to write, only to copy it over later.  Maybe I really will have enough material to adapt into a traqvel novel when I get home! 

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View from our Paris Hotel.
View from our Paris Hotel.
Statue of Charlemagne in the park …
Statue of Charlemagne in the park…
The Notre Dame.  This picture does…
The Notre Dame. This picture doe…
I forgot what this was called.
I forgot what this was called.
photo by: Sweetski