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We made it!  The Netherlands was always supposed to signify the home stretch of this crazy trip...and we're here!  I thought I might be more sad here, but it's actually giving me a second wind.  Love it.  I feel like I'm starting to close the best vacation of my life and I'm more focused to make the last little bit count.  No more getting tired too early.  No more being sad.  No more anything but having the best time.  Safe, best time, of course.  :) 

We got into Rotterdam, the most multi-cultural city in the netherlands (or is it western europe?), and you can tell from the people to the kinds of banks, food establishements, and kitsch stores. Ít's pretty cool.  Yesterday was a LOOOONG train ride from 12:30 - 8:00 to get here from Berlin with one changeover in Amersfoort.  Love that name.  Amersfoort.  Ha!  We didn't do that much yesterday.  Ate at an over priced resturant (I think they're all like that here...) and then checked out a coffeeshop.  Um.  Totally weird.  Not going there here.  :)  We then went for a little walk to the waterfront.  The bridge was totally awesome.  It The hugo support pole that is usually in the middle of a bridge was off the the side with cables coming off the top to hold the whole thing up.  It reminded me of the bridge coming into Dubrovnik.  The entire bridge was lit purple and there was a neat building to the right that looked like it was split in two.  Just the archetecture, of course.  And then above that was the moon, full, and peaking through a cloudy, midnight sky.  Totally picturesque.

Of course we woke at 6am a few hours later to a garbage truck outside the open window that sounded like they were taking bags of glass bottles and continuingly bashing them against the wall.  Yay.  Thanks.  We went back to sleep later though until about 9:30 before we hopped out of bed and choked down the dry toast that passsed for free breakfast this morning at the hostel.  The first thing we did was go to the train station and take off for The Hague.  We went to the museum there which was awesome because it had Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring, which I LOVE.  There was also a few Holbeins, who, dorkily, I also love.  They had the original of Jane Seymour, which, Emily might recall, although she won't because she doesn't read this, that I send her via postcard!  Wow.  The world goes round, people...the world goes round.  :) 

Ev then bought a new book and I am busy writing some idea in my head and we've relaxed most of the day, just enjoying the sights.  And we went to Coffeeshop Nemo which was totally cute and weird and this place is just so strange...picturesque...I dunno.  Most of all I can't wait to see Chantal in four days.  Yay!  A new friend!  :) 

Tomorrow, we head for Amsterdam.  See you then!

scotori says:
Famous Amsterdam coffee.... I'm jealous, guys!
Posted on: Aug 08, 2007
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