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This is a big church in Perissa. There are churches everywhere, usually very small though. Maybe enough room for a 20 person congregation.

I can't believe how windy it is here.  I think it's always windy here, but it's been especially windy since we've gotten here.  The first night wasn't too bad, but after that it's been incredible.  Ev is guessing that it's constant 30 km/hr winds with gusts up to 80 km.  It was so bad that Megan, the girl we met who works at Soul, told us the wind knocked over these candle holders and blew water from the pool (there's a pool at the bar!  Sweet!) up and into the bar.  Crazy.  But it's never cold.  Not even at 4AM.  Just windy.  Always windy.  No clouds, no bad weather.  Just constant wind. 

I think I'm going to step back a bit and try to remember what's happened each day we've been here.

Ev in front of an ancient windmill.
  Indulge me for a bit... :)

Day One - July 12

We arrive in from the ferry and get a bus ride with Megan, her brother, Steve-O, and Robbie.  We chat it up a bit with Steve-O and Robbie at dinner at a place called Atlas which is across from the reception and dorm part of the hostel.  We then go back to our place with the private rooms and switch rooms to make it more comfortable for all of us.  Ev and I plan on doing little but walk down the main street of Perissa (there are 2 main roads) and checking out what we might want to do the next day.  However, we only get four doors down from our hostel until we get to a resturant called Roosters.

It would appear that I drove the quad. However, I did not because Ev is a non-sharing poopy-pants.
  (I name drop, because it's DELICIOUS and you should go there if you ever come to Perissa.)  We were full as we'd had dinner only 2 hours previously.  The guy who owns the place comes out and is instantly best friends with Ev and tells him he makes wonderful food and he won't regret it.  Ev and I hem and haw that we'll be here for almost a week (2 seconds at this place and we already knew we were going to be here more than four nights) and we already ate.  The guy then says we should come into the resturant and he'll get us two free glasses of wine and we don't have to eat as he just hates having no one in his place.  We relent with the temptation of free wine.  It is DELICIOUS.  They then bring out a small plate of the best pork souvlaki with the best tzaziki sauce I have ever had in my life HANDS DOWN.
I believe this is Fira with the volcano and hot springs islands in the background.
  It is so good we order a plate each and another wine.  Even though we're full.  I thought we were ordering another glass each.  He brings out a litre.  Oh dear.  Ev and I can hardly finish our food even though it is SOOOOOOOOOOO good because it's dinner #2 in three hours.  When we are finally almost down with everything, his six year old boy comes out and gives us another half litre of wine.  OH DEAR.  We finally finish that off and go to pay...only 22 Euros!  We were only charged for the meal and the litre of wine.  Everything else was on the house.  Ev and I were in no condition to continue down the main road, so we stubmled to the beach and had a drunken, intense, spiritual discussion as the waves came crashing in out of the black, black night.
This is Oia as seen from our spot to view the sunset.
  It was lovely. 

Day 2 - July 13

Ev and I slept in quite a bit after wine night and didn't emerge until about 11AM.  We had our eye on taking a tour out to the volcano, the hot springs, and the other islands in the Santorini chain.  A bit of education: Santorini is the name of the ring of islands.  Thira is the official name of the main island that we are on, but most people call it Santorini.  There are two islands in the middle.  One is known as the volcano and the other has the hot springs.  They have names, but I don't think anyone really calls them by anything other than "the volcano island" and "the hot springs island."  There is a large-ish island directly opposite Fira named Therissa that has about three communities and not much else.

This is the sun setting with Oia in the foreground and a few mystery islands (Ios?) in the background.
  And then there is a tiny island that is pretty much a rock that you can take a boat out to have a picnic on that is south of Therissa and west of the hot springs island.  I know you don't care.  :)  Anyways, we wanted to the the tour to the islands (not the rock one) but it leaves at 10:30AM and we obviously missed it.  We vowed to go the next morning.  We had breakfast at Atlas (we've done that every single morning...full breakfast with eggs and meat...oh how we've missed you....) and saw that everyone around had a quad or a scooter or motorbike.  There were rental spots everywhere so we figured that it must be fairly cheap.  We went to a place near our hostel and the woman said a quad would be 20 Euros a day.  We asked if we could get a deal if we got it for two days.
This is Ev buried like a fool.
  She said 30 Euros for two days.  Deal!  With the quad, we were able to bomb around the island like we wouldn't be able to do otherwise.  We went down every back road between Perissa and Atrotiki (where Red Beach is).  It was crazy that at the end of every "road" (a dirt path with tire marks at times...all labeled on the map!) there was a beach and a bar.  I honestly don't know how everything stays in business.  We were pumped about Akritiki because it's an excavated settlement that goes back a long time in the BC years, but it was closed.  A sign on the parking lot said it closed at 3 and it was 5.  Damn!  We went out to red beach (there are pics on the previous entry) for a bit before making it back to Perissa.
Another pic of Ev half buried. What a man. :)
  We might have stayed out longer, but it was so windy and out faces were being blasted with the sand and it hurt!  Also, our quad was only 50CC, absolute shite, and hardly crawled up hills...AND THIS PLACE IS A MOUNTAIN!  I don't get it..  We head back and decide to check out Soul, where Megan from the original bus said she worked, where Ev promptly spent WAAAY too much money on White Russians (5 Euros each! He got 6 or 7 of them!) while I quietly sipped on three 3 Euro drinks.  Steve-O was with us for that night and we talked about everything from rugby to depression to his need to find a girl.  Ha!  He's a riot and I'm glad Megan is so good natured, because he made no attempt to hide how much he thought she was lovely.  Heh heh heh...  I think most girls think he's he's harmless and hillarious.  We stumble once again back to our room and sleep.  (Note: we did not bring the quad because we were going to be drinking.  We are responsible!!  :))

Day 3 - July 14

Have I mentioned that Ev's filling for his cavity fell out. It did.  Somewhere back on one of the ferry rides.  Terrible.  We're waiting to get back to civilization to get it fixed.  Totally shitty.  Anyways... we awake this day at noon and, once again, vow to get up earlier the next day to take thr tour.  And, once again, go to Atlas for breakfast.  Our mission for this day is to visit the other main towns on the island.  We bomb it up to Fira slowly on the so-called highway with our so-called vehicle that for 45 km downhill but crawls at 12 km uphill.  Fira, as I said in the previous entry, is quite touristy, but good for window shopping and had an awesome view of the caldera (the other islands and the sea) as it's in the middle of the island.  We find a place that cooks mexican food and we each have enchiladas...only they're not enchiladas at all..but rather delicious nevertheless.  We then make it up to Oia and take the long way around the edge of the northern tip and the beaches are beautiful, but, again, far too windy.  And, of course, the wind only makes the quad go slower.  Oia is very pretty as well, but there's not much to do but shop.  There are kitties and dogs stray all over the island.  Oia probably had the most stray, but Ev loves this dog that the locals name Rocky that stays in Perissa.  I don't like dogs.  Sorry.  But some are cute, I guess.  But it's VERY cute to see all the kitties laying on the low-lying roofs of the white washed buildings.  Ev and I find a sport early to watch the sunset.  It is very beautiful, but part of me wonders why it is so legendary.  I mean, it's beautiful, certainly, but I didn't leave thinking I'd never see a sunset like that again.  Even on vacation, I think I'm a bit too cynical.  Oh well.  We make it make to Perissa dangeously and in the dark going too slow.  We buy booze at the supermarket to save money and drink our faces off.  I think I love gin more than vodka now.  We get drunk at the dorm hostel with Steve-O and about 20 other hostellers.  I get to a point where I know I'll regret it in the morning if I keep drinking, so I pass my bottle to Ev, who finishes it.  He then finds some vodka and blackcurrant juice from someone random and drinks that.  He is stoopid drunk.  We get back to the hostel and don't even pretend that we'll be up in time for the tour.  It's 3 or 4AM when we leave for our room.

Day 4 - July 15

I get up at 12:30 and Ev isn't even up for moving.  I whisper that I'm going to the internet cafe and I'll be back in an hour.  That is when I made that entry and e-mailed a bit to Chels and Jessie.  When I get back to the room at 2 with a bottle of water in my hand (this is the first place that the water is terrible to drink so we buy it...but it's super cheap, so no matter) to find him up...but my orange juice is drained.  I hear moans from the shower that he doesn't feel good.  Ha!  We finally make it to breakfast around 3 and return the quad.  We try to find a better one, but can't.  We end up renting another one from another place that is just as fact.... crappier.  We have to exchange it because it loses power when travelling on a slight incline.  It's all a gong show.  We try to be beach bums, but all our stuff is in the laundry and I don't even have fake swimming gear.  Ev frolicks in the water and I bury him in the sand (awesome pic, btw... I'll get it up tomorrow maybe).  We don't do much.  We end up going to an all-you-can-eat Greek buffet that is delicious.  We also don't drink much this night and vow to go on the tour as the next morning will be the first where we have to go in each morning and re-check in because reception is ANNOYING like that.

I'll have to pick up the updates from here at another time as I've been at this for an hour and only have 2 minutes left.  Pics are up on yesterday's entry.  Enjoy!

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This is a big church in Perissa.  …
This is a big church in Perissa. …
Ev in front of an ancient windmill.
Ev in front of an ancient windmill.
It would appear that I drove the q…
It would appear that I drove the …
I believe this is Fira with the vo…
I believe this is Fira with the v…
This is Oia as seen from our spot …
This is Oia as seen from our spot…
This is the sun setting with Oia i…
This is the sun setting with Oia …
This is Ev buried like a fool.
This is Ev buried like a fool.
Another pic of Ev half buried.  Wh…
Another pic of Ev half buried. W…
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