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Sorry about that... maybe we will update later about what happened between amsterdam and now.  Maybe not.  :)  I'll just pick up from where I left off in Copenhagen.  It was so nice to shower on the ferry!!!

We got into Oslo and didn't do much of anything.  We scoped out some grocery stores and did laundry before picking Jessie up from the train station.  Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was soooo nice to see her again and have a new trav buddy.  :)  We, again, didn't do much but cook a delicious dinner and go ont he internet.  I found out that there was a level 8 earthquake in Peru just outside of where Darci is staying.  So that freaked me out, although I knew she was fine, and was a bit of a wreck the next day as I wanted so badly to hear from her and know she was okay.  She is.  Things aren't so great there, unfortunately.  If you pray or meditate or give out sparkly vibes....please send them in the direction of the people outside Lima. 

The next morning we took off for Bergen.  The train there was long, but SPECTACULAR!  SO beautiful.  Wait for the awesome!  Bergen itself is a fishing town and the most touristed place in NOrway.  And I can see why!  Itæs beautiful, the people are beautiful, and everything is awesome and polite...  There's even a fishmarket!  Jessie made us (minus Chantal, of course) bacon wrapped scallops.... soooo good...  never thought Iæd have bacon wrapped scallops backpacking.  :)  We've mostly been wondering around... today we went kayaking in the fjords ourside Bergen.  Beautiful, but HARD WORK!  Yesterday was a gong show.  We cannot get to Stavenger and therefore Kristiansand to take the route back like we planned.  So we cancelled everything and bought a ticket back to Oslo and have no idea where we're staying or what we're doing.  I think it's going to turn into a big fight when we actually have to decide what to do, but we'll see.  Hope we don't have to stay overnight in a train station...but if we have to...Norway is the palce to do it.  So nice here!  Haven't seen scenery like this since Switzerland. 

One funny thing is that we looked all over for the bus station to see how much a ticket to Stavanger would be.......and found it directly next to the train station.....which is two blocks from our hostel..........after about 35 minutes of searching in an opposite direction.  Ha! 

But the internet here is free and therefore in high demand, so I better give this up.  Will try to update soon and hopefuly fill you all in where I'm missing updates.  :) 

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photo by: CFD