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Nothing makes you appericiate a place like going someone totally shitty the very next day!  The keyboard I'm typing on here is ghetto! Everything here is ghetto!  We got in yesterday with Robbie.  She had decided the day before that she would go to Paros instead of Ios while drunk with someone else that was going to Paros.  Robbie was all about this campground called Koula that had cheap cheap places to stay in little huts for 10 euros a night.  Of course, I'd rather have an actual residence to sleep in, but things have been costing more than I thought, so two days for 20 Euros didn't sounds too bad.  Well, when we paid for our room, or, uh, hut, they were charging is 20 PER PERSON for the two nights.  So the good deal ended up being an average deal on a crap island and we both have bug bites like crazy and still have to sleep again knowing we'll end up with another good 40 bites each.  Oh...and we haven't found a toilet yet that has a seat on it.  They all just have a you have to squat....and Ev had mexican food yesterday.....and it's been pouring out ever since....yeah.  He is NOT happy.  And all the toilets at the campground are GROSS with piles of poo and no toilet seat and....*shudder*  

Today we splurged a bit and got a boat to take us to Delos to see the ruins and spend a bit on Mykonos, which is, apparantly, THE island to go to.  Delos was pretty cool.  There were half survived ruins all over the entire island.  I'd say it would be more worth it if we were already at Mykonos and could splurge on a tour because nothing in labeled and we rarely knew what we were looking at.  It is insane though that all this had survived since 5th Century BC.  I'll get the pics up when I can find a port which might not be until Berlin.  Mykonos was crap.  There were shops everywhere and we kept thinking that Meaghan (Ev's sis) would love it because it seems like a place for people a bit younger and prettier who liked to shop and club and...basically not us.  And we were only there in the afternoon.  It's crazy at nights.  There were ads for clubs screaming "FUCK ME!  I'M A CELEBRITY!!!" and I'm like...uhhhhhhhhh....where's the boat?  Not my place.  I got a new pair of sunglasses though at a knockoff place.  Dior Sunglasses!  I'm classy now!  heh heh... 

Anyways... we got back and realized we'll have to take a ferry at 7:30 in the morning and not get into Athens until 1:30.  Yay.  And we went to book a place in Athens for two nights and it is spendy there.  So we're staying outside Athens on the port of Pireaus where we left and will arrive in on the ferry.  It's about 6 minutes to Athens by train and on the same line to the airport...and it's all free because of the Eurail.  I guess that's good.  I'm just getting really grumpy.  I wish we would have stayed on Santorini for two extra nights and then went straight to Athens.  This has all been crap.  I'm itchy and refuse to shower in their showers so I dont change my clothes either because I'm pissed off and now my feet are so itchy from bugbites that I swear there are bugs in my socks so I dont wan tto wear them and I dont' want to put them in my bag beause I dont want the bugs to spread which is also why I dont want to change my clothes because I dont want to open my bag and....GRRRRR..  At least there are two cute kitties at the campground!

I just know Athens will kind of be crap and I miss my own bed and my friends and my family andd.......grumpy.. oh...and Ev sat down in a pile of water that was draining out of someone's house that may have been sewage.  That was awesome too.  We don't understand how Greece is in the EU when you cannot drink their water and you cannot crap properly but Romania (which HAS to be better) is not allowed in until their water is brought up to standard.  I LOVED Santorini and never wanted to leave... but now?  I can't wait until our flight to Berlin.  Get me to a place with a proper crapper, pronto!

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photo by: Stigen