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Ev and I excited (and lookin' hot!) in the very very front of the Pumpkins show.

Well...I have waited years to see the Pumpkins again.  I was really pumped and we waited around grumpy all day (this hostel is getting on our nerves) for the show.  We were about three people from the front for Incubus.  They were okay... Sometimes they rocked...but it was about 35% wussy sucking as far as I was concerned (and about 60% wussy suck as far as Ev was concerned)... The lead singer has pretty groin muscles... Ev thinks his groin muscles were showing too much.  He is very skinny and has very low rising jeans.  Such a lady, that dude.

And, just as I'd hoped and dreamed...enough Incubus fans left so that I could HUG THE FRONT RAILING for the Pumpkins!!!  And they rocked so hard!  I was scared a bit in the beginning because he came about in a weird facist looking white dress and wouldn't smile and played two hits in a row (i don't mind hits.

My hero...lover...Me. Billy Corgan.
..but i like hearing other things too) but he loosened up after a few songs and played To Sheila, one of my faves off Adore and the post-encore song was Silverfuck and it was AWESOME... he even mocked playing with his teeth!  Oh, and he took off the dress.  Much better.  ;)  They were definately the highlight of the festival and that's not just my opinion.  It's FACT.  :)  What songs did they play?  Um...Bullet W/Butterfly Wings, Today, Tonight Tonight, Thru the Eyes of Ruby, Tarantula, 1979, Disarm (electric), To Sheila, Stand Inside Your Love, Glass and the Machines of God (I think that's what it's called), Silverfuck, Untitled, a song off Gish that I always forget the name of, and about three other new songs..  One that's about Revolution that's pretty kick ass. 

Anyways... I got about a billion pics, but decided to only upload one.  Enjoy.. and please... be jealous.  :)  Also, go back through the other entries, we have some pics uploaded.  There's only a few though because it takes forever to upload and we're paying for this shit.  Almost 10 Swiss Francs! 

Something else?  Oh yeah... Ev and I are going Paragliding!  Off the Swiss Alps!  In an hour!  I'm starting to get a heart attack.  :)  It'll be AWESOME!  So, thanks Marty for making us sign wills.  We may need them.  Ha!!!!!

One more night here and the early to Salzberg.  Woot! 

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Ev and I excited (and lookin hot!…
Ev and I excited (and lookin' hot…
My hero...lover...Me. Billy Corgan.
My hero...lover...Me. Billy Corgan.
photo by: sherryshakarob