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The Castle Gruyeres.

After our whirlwind tour of Paris (see kalins entry) during which I was DENIED a royale with cheese (sold out) on the Champs Elysses, we booked it out of our teensy little hotel room to the train and spent nearly the whole day getting to Le Pàquier, near Gruyères in Switzerland.  The B&B at which we stayed was pretty awesome, despite the language barrier - nearly no one we spoke to knew english, including Marci, our hostess.  Nonetheless, she was extremely patient and polite, and gave us some tips on what to do and see while we were in the area.  The language barrier became even more apparent later that evening when we went to get some Poulet, Frites, et Salade and Kalin smashed her beer glass all over the table (hehe).  We just laughed, said sorry and left the lady a nice tip (bzy european standards anyway).

An awesome light-photo from a Swiss modern artist on display in the castle.. I (Kalin) think I want this as a tattoo... :)
  The next day we went to the Medieval towon of Gruyeres, only a 1 kilometer walk from Le Paquier, where we took a tour of the castle (built in the 13th century) and, even more amazingly, the HR Giger Museum, where we got to see original works of art by one of the craziest swiss artists ever...  Kalin thought he was a bit of a perv, what with all the fallic symbols and various vaginal/anal biomechanical copulation, but thats just his style...  Also got to eat at his bar, which is the coolest, trippiest bar iàve ever been to...  not cheap though...  Then later in the afternoon we took a bus up to at town called Molèson, where we went to a cheese dairy that has been in continuous operation since the 1600s, and watched them make cheese in the traditional swiss way (on the advice of our Gracious hosts).
Lookin' sexy with fondue!
  I had macaroni and cheese and damn...  all i can say is damn... kalin had fondue, which was also scrumptious, and i have some pretty sweet pictures of her eating it in a very messy fashion....  I would have pictures posted, but, unfortunately, our laptop has a corrupted windows.sys file and is completely out of comission without a windows recovery disc, which really really really pisses me off..   now  we have to use internet cafes, and since i didnt forssee  us needing it, i ididnt bring a usb cable, so it might be a while before we get to upload any pics.. . ill get one as soon as possible, and with any luck i will be able to remember what all the pictures we do have are of...  not to mention the 50 or so we have on the laptop of london that we can no longer acess..   grrrrr..  but i will quit complaining because we are still having a blast and you sorry bastards are all working every day, so i shouldnt complain.. :) 

Off to interlaken today where, with any luck, we will get to do some extreme sports and watch the pumpkins, slayer, and others..  talk to you all soon!!!



everettsmomanddad says:
Greetings from Canada

Sorry to hear about the laptop..That sucks big time. But it sure is good to hear from you guys! Isn't Europe fantastic!! All is well around the homestead, even your cat is enjoying his holiday. I don't think he will want to leave Meaghan's as he is getting spoiled rotten. I am driving the new truck form work for a few weeks. It sure is nice and it is really handy having it around the acreage. We will manage to get all the thinks off to the waste transfer now. Well, I better get back to work, just thought I would send a quick note to let you know I am thinking about you guys. Enjoy the concert.

Love you,
Posted on: Jun 14, 2007
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The Castle Gruyeres.
The Castle Gruyeres.
An awesome light-photo from a Swis…
An awesome light-photo from a Swi…
Lookin sexy with fondue!
Lookin' sexy with fondue!
Enjoying a cheesy Swiss dinner in …
Enjoying a cheesy Swiss dinner in…
Evs badass self in the Giger Bar.
Ev's badass self in the Giger Bar.
Kalin gettin friendly with a creep…
Kalin gettin friendly with a cree…
Ev lounging out in front of the Gi…
Ev lounging out in front of the G…
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