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Oops.  Haven't updated in awhile, have we?  No real reason for it.  There's a computer outside of our room that we're staying at which is located in the BEST HOSTEL IN EUROPE (go Sir Toby's!  Yeah!), but still haven't used it much beyond trying to find a room somewhere, anywhere, in Amsterdam.  In short, we've been on the computer for hours.  Grr.  But you don't care about our troubles!  Just our adventures!  :)

First night in Prague we didn't really do much.  It was the 25th.  I broke down and bought the new Harry Potter in Berlin at the train station and was half way done by the time I got to Prague.  Finished it the next day.  Awesome book.  Best in series.  Have read the last 100 pages over again.  Can't stop thinking about it.  Oh dear.  Anyways...we just went to get something to eat and went down the the pub that is in the basement for a beer or two (honest!  just a few!) and they had Settlers of Catan!!!  A fellow nerd named Max saw us pick it up and started going off about how awesome it is.  We ended up staying up until 2am playing Settlers.  I won!  Oh dear...

The next night we took a train out to Kutna Hora, about an hour each of Prague.  The train system in the Czech Republic is insane and we had quite a time getting tickets.  No one told us this at the time (just found it out today, actually) but in Czech Republic you do not buy tickets for a particular train..but for a destination on a day.  And you can take any train.  It confused us to no end that there was no departure time or platform...it took a few hours and a missed train...but we finally got to Kutna Hora.  The town is famous for having a small church decorated with human bones on the inside.  It's crazy.  You'll have to wait for the pics. There is a chandellier made of all the bones in the human body and a few skull pyramids and a coat of arm...all made of people bones!  It was crazy...and crazy because of the number of people there snapping photos.  We also went into an old cathedral that was under renovation and a tobacco museum.  Yeah.  It actually was a Phillip Morris museum.  It was free.  Don't judge me.  Judge Everett.  It was terrible.  Terribly hillarious!  There was a short film that basically said that tobacco was good for the little man, the middle man, and for God.  It was so awful.  Ev loved it.  I'm glad it was free.  I was grumpy the whole time because I hardly slept at all that night and was crampy and headache-y and everything miserable.  Oops!  We got back around dinner time and went to bed early. 

The next day we decided to actually see Prague...and promptly forgot the camera back in our dorm.  Crap!  We decided to see Old Town, but not see anything else we'd want to photograph.  We went and saw a TV tower....that has babies on it!  We ended up going back to take a photo of that.  It's a huge TV tower that you can see from many areas of the city...but it has black metal baby statues crawling all over it...maybe 12?  Insane.  We could see no plaque so we had a fun time making up reasons why there would be babies crawling on the TV tower.  Old Town is...old...and beautiful.  Ev is in constant wonder and says it's the most magnificent place...and I think I'm just too travel sick and homesick and in a poor mood to feel the same way.  But it is very very nice.  It reminds me of a cross between Budapest and Paris...but older.  We found a cool hippie shop and I bought a pair of earrings.  We really didn't do much but walk around.  We came back early and headed to the pub below at night and found one of the nerds (not Max...but one of his fellow Physics major buddies) that we played Settlers with and chatted with him for a while before going to bed.

The next day we headed out again to Old Town and the TV Tower to take pictures.  This was yesterday.  We also tracked down the oldest pub in Prague (in use as a pub since 1475) and had a few pints.  Only a few!  I had one and a half!  :)  We ate in old town, which was a mistake.  The sign said that meal would be 150 each (about 7.50) but then the beers were 90 each and they charged us 110 for the bread and 100 for the after-dinner appertif that Ev had...so our bill that we thought would come to around 400 ended up being 850.  Bastards.  We never tipped and never returned to eat in Old Town.  I really don't know what else we did.  Just a lot of wandering around.  We went to a Salvador Dali exhibit.  (He's crazy)  Oh, and the day before we went to a Medeval Torture Device Museum.  That was terrifying.  I'm glad I'm living NOW, that's for sure.  We also bought food as penance for the expensive lunch and stuffed ourselves with spaghetti.  Oh, and we ended the night with me kicking Ev's ass in Scrabble.  Tis a good feeling to be such a winner!

Today we checked out the old Jewish Cemetary and I almost cried when I went to the adjoining exhibit.  There were pictures that the children had drawn after separated into the ghettos (kind of a pre-Concentration Camps thing, I think) and it...was really heartbreaking.  There was a little mention when they knew the artist had survived...and nothing if they did not.  All of these kids were 8-12 and it was so sad.  And the cemetary was multi-layered and crowded and...amazing to see.  We also hiked up to the castle...which is the largest continual castle complex in the world.  And probably the single most beautiful piece of archetecture I've ever laid eyes on.  Ev would agree.  There was stained glass about three stories high along the entire perimeter and some was so intricate that each piece of glass was maybe an inch by an inch.  Beautiful.  We mostly wandered today and took in what we could and bought our ticket back to Berlin.

We're getting a bit scared about the fact that we only have three more nights (including tonight) booked until we are homeless.  I think we're going to go to Cologne (Germany) or somewhere like that for a few nights until we can get a week in Amsterdam.  And, unfortunately, it looks like Demark is out of the picture.  Which sucks for me, but REALLY sucks for Ev.  We'll come back.  I know we will.  And I'm trying all I can to kick myself out of this funk by calling dad, e-mailing mom, chatting with Katie, and finally....by being sooooooo excited that we got to talk to Courtney and I get to emcee her wedding!  Woot!  V V excited about that.  :) 

Until Berlin....and sorry we didn't update... :)

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photo by: vulindlela