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    This city is outstanding.  it's about the same size as edmonton, but the sense of community and the vitality of the populace puts edmonton (and even some other european places we've visited) to shame.  Its not a big tourist town at all (the vast majority of tourists spend maybe one night here on their way to more beautiful, or historical, destinations such as Split or Dubrovnik or Plitvice or Pula and whatnot.  However, those who do skip it dont realize what they're missing.  Every day weve been here has been so lively with millions of musicians, outdoor cafes and restaurants (the foods not quite as good as hungarian, but not bad at all) and local people everywhere enjoying the sun and the food and the beer and coffee and ice cream and music and just the electricity in the air.   Not to mention that there seem to be a lot of metal-heads.  :)  Oh yeah, one more thing, we had the most gigantic, delicious ice cream of our lives yesterday.  My banana split (cost me 8 bucks, but mannnnn..) had kiwis, apples, pineapples, grapes, and (obviously) bananas.  Mmmmmmm......
  But the real reason for this post (i just had to get my two cents in about Zagreb first) was Type O Negative.  I've been waiting a long time to see that band and they sure didn't dissappoint at all!!!  Maybe *just maybe* looking a little old these days, but then again who isn't?   We ended up meeting up with some pretty cool Slovenian guys who drove down here from the coast to see Type O (they were staying at our hostel and, oddly, were in the same 4 bed room as ours - so we didn't have to worry about waking each other up.   When we got there *nice small club - and super loud) the first band had already played (we lingered too long over free beer and chicken and sausages at our hostels 1 year anniversary party) which sucked because (according to thomas, one of our Slovenian friends) they are a pretty good local dark-rock/metal band but, oh well we weren't there to see them anyway.  Then, all of a sudden, they started playing the Chicken dance song.  You know, dunna nunna nunna na dunna nunna nunna na dunna nunna nunna na na na na na.   that one.  for about an HOUR!!!!  Me and kalin were dancing along (ukranian style) to the song and making fools of ourselves because no one else was!!!  bunch of heavy metal kids tryin to look all serious and me and kalin are doin the chicken dance.  HAHAHA!!  but seriously.  They would stop the music and dim the lights, everyone would cheer and then.........   MORE CHICKEN DANCE!!!!!  Anyway when they finally came out they played a cover of Magical Mystery Tour (oddly) in a medley with some type O negative songs from across the chronological spectrum of releases.  And continued to play a totally rockin set touching on pretty much every recording they've done.  I'm horrible with titles so i won't bore you with listing them, but, yeah..  suffice it to say that i wasn't dissappointed at all.  In fact, it was everything i'd hoped it would be, right down to the crowd chanting "YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK"..   awesome.... 
  Now i'm hung over.  :(
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photo by: EmEm