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We're back in Berlin and it's still a lovely place but so far our thoughts and energies have been spent trying to figure out what the hell we're supposed to do with the next few weeks.  Last night we booked two nights in Cologne, Germany and four nights in the lowest rated hostel in Amsterdam (yay) but then we found out that the train from Berlin to Cologne would be about 20 hours, stopping first in Munich which is about as far south as possible in Germany before moving up again to the north and to the west.  Hurray.  So we cancelled the nights in Cologne (forfiting our deposit, of course) and changed it to Rotterdam, Netherlands which is a 7ish hour train ride and only an hour from Amsterdam and 25 minutes from The Haage, where there is a museum that I'd like to see that houses the painting Girl with the Pearl Earring.  And on top of that today in our deadline to cancel our storage unit (you have to give a month's notice) back in Edmonton in order to get our 50 dollar deposit back.  We have looked around and so far all the moving vans are either too small or waaaaaaay too expensive (U-Haul is wanting over 2K...no thanks).  So we don't know what to do and it's frustrating and we're in freakin' Berlin and want to enjoy what this fantastic city has to offer (hell, we came BACK just to see more of it becasue the last time was spent wasting time trying to find a dentist for Ev!) and....argh!  Right now we're waiting to see if Ev's parents are home/off the phone to ask for advice.  As much as I wish we could make them do it all for us (hahahaha!), I know it's our problem...

But this isn't Kalin's Personal Venting Blog!  It's a travel blog!  And on we go...

This time we're staying at the Generator Hostel in Berlin and it's pretty much a huge motel with a bar, lounge, internet, laundry, cafeteria, etc...  Very nice, but huge and impersonal.  Today we went out and saw the Berlin Film Museum which was basically a Marlena Dietrich and Metropolis museum, but I still liked it...I think Ev was on the fence... :)  We went to go up into the dome of the Parliament building, but after standing in line in the rain for about a half an hour, we read a sign that said the dome was closed for repairs from July 30 - August 3.  Ha!  HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!  So we left.

We didn't do much else...went to a mall...our first European mall...it's the same as back home...bought a Volbeat CD for myself as it's not sold in North America and I really want one and we won't be going to any of their shows (unfortunately) while we're here so I can't pick it up anywhere but probably Germany and Denmark, where we're not going.  I still feel like we're leaving this place and not seeing enough of it, but that's just the way it is.  Tomorrow, we're heading out to a concentration camp which will be a total riot fun happy time!!!!  But I feel like we should go.  Considering how emotional I felt at the Jewish Memorial in Prague, I don't think I'm going to have a fantastic time tomorrow, but it's something we need to experience...the least a person can do travelling through Germany is go through emotional termoil by visiting a camp in respect to the thousands (millions?) who suffered far worse by living through it.

But my time is almost up...we'll post more later.  :)
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photo by: CFD