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It was a long train ride from Salzburg, especially with all the delays..

Hey y'all...  We finally got in to budapest at 1:00 AM last night and had a harrowing 2km walk from the train station to the hostel (we were a little scared to take a taxicab - the cabbies outside the train station are notorious for ripping off english-speaking tourists) in the still 29 degree heat..  despite our trepidation, the walk went well and we ended up finding the place pretty easily...  its interesting because we decided to get a private room for the next couple of days, and the private rooms are located in a seperate flat about a block away from the main hostel location....  it takes four keys to get in to our room!!!  super nice rooms though, and the hostel receptionist who walked us there (which was nice) was super friendly and showed us which keys does what and told us how to operate the gas stove.

A stone head half carved out of the floor of the Buda Labrynth. Creepy, eh?

The one nice thing about a private room is that we FINALLY got to sleep in (after a week in a half in dorms it was nice to not get woken up early).  The only downside is that we ended up missing both the "caves under budapest" tour and the "tipsy with lenin" wine drinking tour, both of which started at 11:00AM. Apparently budapest is situated on top of a whole series of subterranean caverns, which are closed to the public..  for 4000 forints (it sounds like a lot but its about 20 bucks) they take you in there and outfit you with a helmet, light, and overalls and you have to squeeze through little caverns and whatnot..  sounded really cool..  the wine tour came with free all you can drink wine and a  tour through statue park, (a park where they put all the old communist-era statues after they took them out of the main square) and some of the other main locations of the communist regime here in Hungary.

A statue outside the Royal Palace. There are about a billion of these green/copper statues around the city.
   Sucks we missed em, but we really needed to sleep in, especially after our 12 hour (thanks to delays) travel day the day before.

And besides, we still got to do some pretty cool stuff.  We went to the labyrinth under Buda Castle, which was a pretty cool set of caverns underneath castle hill accross the river from our hostel in Buda (budapest is actually 2 cities, buda and pest, which are separated by the duanube river) which have been used at various times as military bunkers, torture chambers, storage facilities, and other various medieval things.   Apparently they were even used by the pre-historic peoples from this region.  The other cool thing about that place was that it was only about 12 degrees in there - way better than the 35 outside!! (12 = 55, 35=95 for the americans).

This is what Budapest really looks like.. lots and lots of graffiti.
  Afterwards we went to the Budapest National museum, which is situated in the biggest, darndest, most opulent palace that we've seen so far that was built by the hapsburgs to its present prestige in the late 1800s but was begun in the 1000s.  IT had  many facinating exhibits about pre-historic and medieval budapest.  We havent done too many museums yet, so we figured now was about the time to check one out.  

After spending the whole day on foot, our feet are killing us.  Kalins sunburn is getting so bad her cleavage is starting to blister (hence the moniker "blisterboob"...  i told her i was gonna write an update with that as her nickname, so here it is..  :) ) and i have quite the burn on my belly too.

The Parliament Building.
.  Tomorrow were gonna go check out the house of terror, which was used by both the Nazis AND the commies to torture prisoners, and were gonna go check out the statue park on our own, but without the limitless wine, unfortunately..   Oh, and one other thing. Hungarian restaurants rock..  I have been stuffed to the brim since we got here, and its reasonably cheap today.  For dinner we got a little out of control and had bacon wrapped filet mingion (me) and roasted duck sauce in a red wine sauce (blisterboob).  Man was that filet mingion delicious.   And for only 10000 forints, not that bad of a price either!!!  (i'll let you guys do the math on that one - it sure is weird whipping out a 10000 dollar bill for dinner)

anyway, I think thats it for now, so i'll talk to ya later..  hopefully post pics soon (we posted some on earlier entries too, for those who havent noticed) 

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It was a long train ride from Salz…
It was a long train ride from Sal…
A stone head half carved out of th…
A stone head half carved out of t…
A statue outside the Royal Palace.…
A statue outside the Royal Palace…
This is what Budapest really looks…
This is what Budapest really look…
The Parliament Building.
The Parliament Building.
photo by: Chokk