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So we made it to Berlin safely!  Athens was okay, but we started Greece on a total high note and left not so high.  Kinda crappy.  But we had a decent last day in Athens looking through the Archeology Museum as well as the Ancient Agora where Socrates was condemned and voting took place and Aristotle had his University there (supposedly) and all this ancient awesome stuff.  :)  It was just so hot...  I think it was about 40 each day.  Too hot.  We flew to Berlin that night after two outrageously overpriced meals (the airport one was forgiven, because,´s the airport) and after I had a dream that I was in a plane crash so I was glad when we landed.  :)  Getting around in a foreign land in the middle of the night is always a pleasure, but we actually did it better thatn we´ve done thus far.  Must be learning! 

Today so far has been spent trying to get Ev´s tooth filled.  We called AMA and they were pretty much no help at all.  Awesome.  There goes that extra money I spent for the awesome customer service.  Excellent.  We have to find a dentist ourself which is, again, awesome and excellent.  We can´t find anything actually in Berlin and we don´t want to do dentistry in the Czech Republic so we found a place in Copenhagen (we´ll be there in just over a week) and hopefully they can help us out.  Argh! 

I don´t know what we´re going to do today...maybe a walking tour...maybe a pub crawl...maybe some museums.  I really dig Berlin.  Three nights is´t enough.  I think we´ll hit it again on the way back from Prague just to finish a bit more of it up. 

Anyways...that´s all for now.  Just wanted a bit of an update and to let you know I have no clue when more pics will be up.  Whenever we can find a decent cafe.  ;)

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photo by: CFD