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This is a view of Fira and other little towns as seen from way atop the highest mountain on Santorini.

Day 5 - July 16

Ev and I are finally up on time for the tour as we have to be at reception around 9:30 to check in again...stupid reception.  Really irritating.  Anyways, we do this and everything is fine (like we knew it would be) and we went across the street to Atlas (again) for breakfast and ordered the full English breakfast (again) and discussed the fact that maybe we should go on the tour the next day as we had laundry to pick up as well as the fact that we had a quad rented and we might as well get full use out of it.  Laundry was a fiasco.  First off, it's full serve yet we had to put the clothes ourselves into the washer.  No big deal, except the (bitch) lady told us that we couldn't have our clothes back for 24 hours.  TWENTY FOUR HOURS and we already PUT THE CLOTHES IN THE WASHER!  Grrr.

A good shot of Volcano, Hot Springs, and Therissia (in the back).
..  it's been so long since we've had clean clothes.  Oh well, we got the clothes back that day and we also tried to get the laptop fixed but that didn't work either.  We decided to bomb back to Akrotiri and check out the ruins.  Oh yeah...that sign that said it was closed at 3pm?  Still correct.  But the other sign that we didn't see the first time that said Akrotiri was closed for the summer for renovations and futher excavations?  That one was correct as well.  Burn.  So we decided to run up to the top of the mountain with our quad going about 12 km/hr the entire way.  It was hurtin'.  At the top is supposed to be Ancient Thira.
Robbie and Steve-O!
  We're in Greece!  Need to see ruins!!  When we finally get to the top we find out that A) Ancient Thira is on the OTHER mountain and B) it's nothing but some foundations.  But it was still worth it because the view of the islands was amazing.  Beautiful and spectacular.  We made our way down, turned in the quad to Nick the Greek, and did not that much for the rest of the night and turned in early. 

Day 6 - July 17

We had to get up early again and re-check in.  We went to Atlas for the same breakfast and thought about doing the tour.  However, by the time we were done with breakfast it was 10:40 and the tour left at 10:30...  I guess the tour was not meant to be..  :(   We meet up with Steve-O and Robbie around 1 and go for a few beers.

Creepy toilet.
  It is Steve's last day on vacation and is leaving around 5:30 for the Santorini airport to go back to England.  We go for a bite to eat later and then lounge around at the pool being lazy.  It was sad to see Steve leave because Ev and I haven't been too friendly on this vacation thus far, but he was a really easy person to get along with and hang out with.  And I'm not just saying that because I gave him the address to this blog.  :)  MISS YOU STEVE!  :)  Robbie, Ev, and I then go down to the hostel lounge by the dorms and drink more.  I'm already feeling the two beer and the few glasses of wine from lunch.  Now I'm drinking gin.  The guy at Roosters caught us on the way to the hostel and said he'd give us more free wine if we came for dinner.  I asked if our friend (Robbie) could have some too if we grabbed her.  He said we could have a litre!  We tried and tried to get her to come, but she wasn't too into it.  So we left after a bit and told him we tried.  We got the wine anyway..  and it kept coming... and I thought I was going to be sick.  For the first time in my life, I left the table with wine still left in my glass...and in the carafe!  Ev and I go back to the room and I try to fall asleep before I get sick.  We looked at the clock and it was only 11:30.  Oh dear... 

Day 7 - TODAY! - July 18

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  You'll be getting a phone call when we get to Paros!  I dreamed of orange juice and water all night...that wine dried me out and we had neither in the room.  I didn't feel too good in the morning, but I felt better after breakfast.  It's 1:30 right now and our shuttle leaves in 45 minutes and the ferry leaves at 4:00 for Paros where we will be for four nights.  Robbie and Steve-O told us about a campsite there with pre-set up tents that are 6-10 Euros a night.  I think we'll do that to save money.  I'm kind of sad to be leaving here.  I'm not going to miss the toilets, however.  They are beyond screwed.  There are signs everywhere telling you not to flush toilet paper.  You have to put them in the garbage can....that never has a liner in it....or a you're staring at your own poo.  Ew.  Ev and I tried to live like rebels and flush our toilet paper, but then it wouldn't go down.  And then Ev pooed and it couldn't go down either because mine was in the way.  And then I pooed again...oh, it was terrible!  We had a bowl full of poo and a garbage can that was finally used as a recepticle for the poo paper.  Ev gagged and I had to move the poo wipes into a bag so he didn't have to see them when brushing his teeth.  Ha!  I got a stick from outside and stirred the poo pile around until it would finally go down.  It took a few hours and quite a few flushes.  Wonderful, eh?  I'm mostly describing this for Jessie...I thought she might was to know all about pooing in Greece!  :) 

Other than the poo fiasco, it's been great.  We're in the middle of two heat waves, and I can feel this one coming.  It's going to be hot in Paros, I know.  I don't even want to think about Athens.  We kind of wish Santorini was our last place before we left.  Not that we want to move to Regina yet (heh heh), but it would be nice if at the end of the three months, Santorini was the last.  It's just so welcoming and relaxing that it seems like a nice end to a vacation.  But...we'll keep trucking it along like the martyrs we are!  :)

See you in Paros!

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This is a view of Fira and other l…
This is a view of Fira and other …
A good shot of Volcano, Hot Spring…
A good shot of Volcano, Hot Sprin…
Robbie and Steve-O!
Robbie and Steve-O!
Creepy toilet.
Creepy toilet.
photo by: wanderingluster