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The Beautiful City of Salzburg, with the fortress dominating the landscape.

Sorry folks...  Didn't die paragliding.  Wanted to keep you all wondering... It was kinda fun.. relaxing..  not thrilling at all, unfortunately.  And for 160 bucks a pop, we really wanted it to be.  Think of all the Swiss Army knives we could have bought for that!  Oh well.  Still fun. 

We spent all day on the train on our way to Salzberg, Austria.  Got on the train in Interlaken just before 10AM and didn't get here until about 7:30PM.  Fun.  So fun.  All in all, Interlaken was an amazingly beautiful and expensive place.  Balmers had some good qualities going for it, but by the end Ev and I wanted to pretty much murder everyone we saw.  I don't think the place is meant to stay in for five nights.

The city is even more beautiful when you can get up in the fortress and dominate the landscape yourself.
  If we were there for two or less, it would have been an excellent hostel with a bar, food, hammock room, good dorms for being so large, and whatnot.  But man oh man it got grating.. 

Tomorrow we're heading out to Hallstatt (2.5 hour train ride..  yay) to check out the 2,500 year old salt mines and some ice caves with frozen waterfalls.  Should be fun and busy.  We'll be here for two nights and then three nights in Budapest.  We're already wishing we could be here longer. 

That's all for now.  Heading back to the hostel for showers and Coronas.  :)  Hope you're missing us!  We're sending out the first batch of postcards out in a few days, so get those addresses to us at kalin(dot)jensen(at)!

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The Beautiful City of Salzburg, wi…
The Beautiful City of Salzburg, w…
The city is even more beautiful wh…
The city is even more beautiful w…
photo by: travpro11