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Never mind Kalin's last entry.. :)  We were just having a bad day..  I'm sure if we had arrived in Paros BEFORE Santorini it would have been fine.  Plus, we were just having a really crappy day..  Well, I was anyway, and I think i brought kalin down.  What with the Bug Bites, and the Diarreah, and the fact that the Roosters woke me up at 4AM (I didn't see a single rooster, but there must have been thousands on that island).  To top it all off, shortly after leaving the Internet Cafe where we left that post, we ran into Robbie and her buddy drinkin beer on the side of the road (which is legal there, FYI).  Since we had a bottle of Gin and some Juice on us that we were just gonna go drink at the Capground, we decided to sit with them for a little while..   While we were chatting, we heard this "thump" from behind us, that sounded like someone had ran something over...   As it turns out, it was a cat, and it layed in the middle of the road in a pool of blood writhing around grotesquely and.......   ugh.. it was so sad...  A good samaratin picked the poor little guy up off the road and set him on the sidewalk..  I'm pretty sure he was already dead because he wasn't making any noise and he quit moving in about a minute..  Just those last few nervous twitches from a broken neck or whatever...  But man, it was disturbing...   And a perfect end to what was a pretty rotten day in general, which wasn't made any better by the fact that we knew we had to be up at 6:30AM the next day to huff it down to the ferry station for our ferry to athens....

Unfortunately (another reason for the previous day's discomfiture) we ended up back on the Milena (the infamous ultra-slow ferry we took out to santorini in the first place).  We left the campground at about 7:00 and the ferry was already loading (!) so we had to run all the way to the ferry dock, which is about a 15 minute walk...  We made it in 7 minutes, with our bags and all.. :)  Either way, it wasn't the best way to start off the day, what with 5 hours of sleep and whatnot..  We pretty much got on board and slept for another three hours (on deck)..   There was no food on-board until noon, so we were pretty hungry, but we survived...  Checked in to our Hotel in Pireas at about 2PM and it turned out to be a half decent place, actally..   It's got TV and a Balcony and air conditioning (sorta) and the receptionist was totally nice and helpful..  He musta went through 10 remotes trying to find us one that works..  We don't even watch that much TV, but at night before bed it's nice, and you couldn't adjust volume without a remote and it was frickin LOUD...  so yeah..  And they have this weird system where you have to phone reception to get them to turn on the air conditioning (they're super cheap about that sort of stuff over here) and pay 5 euros a day, but the stupid thing kept shutting off on us..  I made kalin call reception like, 5 times to get them to turn it back on..  It had to have been about 35 degrees in there at about 1am last night..  But it finally worked and we got a good nights sleep...  I know it sounds kinda shitty, but a good smily receptionist who doesn't make you feel like shit for calling him 10 times goes a long way.. :)  Other than that, we really didn't do a whole lot yesterday..   It was nice to just chill in the air-conditioning and relax...   Drank some beers later in the evening and had some KFC (second fast-food since we've been to europe, so i don't feel THAT bad..) and watched a movie on the tube late at night, pretty boring overall..  But it wasn't Athens, just us being tired.. :)

Today we decided to make up for it by setting our alarm for 7:30 (of course we never got out of bed till 9 since we watched that movie till 2AM) to get an early start to check out the Acropolis and all that before the crowds and the broiling mid-day sun took over..   When we ended up getting a late start, I was all like "oh yeah, broiling mid-day sun, whatever"...  Uh..  its fucking BROILING!!!!  No wonder people all take siestas and 3 hour lunch breaks and stuff here..  Trying to walk around the place in the middle of the day is a nightmare!  We've already gone through about 5 liters of water, and it's only 5pm right now! 

The metro was pretty easy to figure out, but unfortunately we couldn't find the tourist booth we were looking for so we just pretty much wung it once we got to the historical part of town (since we're only here for 2 nights, we're pretty much doing just touristy stuff while we're here).  First we saw the Temple of Olympian Zeus (or what's left of it anyway) and Hadrian's arch and the old Byzantine Quarter, which is just east of the Acropolis.. Since we have student cards, it was only 6 Euros each to see all the major sights in a four day period..   The temple was (about 2000 years ago) comprised of about 150 colums, but there are only 15 left..  It was still pretty cool, especially since it was teh first of the major ruins we saw (the ones on Delos were not as spectacular)..  Then we walked over to the south slope of the acropolis and saw the Theatre of Dionysus, and some ancient roads and walls and shrines and whatnot..   Then time for the big hike up to the top of the Acropolis (which is actually pretty darn high up) which turned out not to be worth it at all, given the heat..  The temple of Athena was completely torn down (they're reconstructing it with the orignal materials, but it was about to fall down so it needed some structural work) and the Parthenon was covered in scaffolding and completely closed to the public..  So we didn't really get any good photos or anything..  Then, to top it all off, the Acropolis museum is closed for the month of July for renovations!!   I mean, I understand why they have to do all this stuff, but why they have to do it ALL at once and NOT tell us about it before we climbed up there is beyond me..  Greece is weird that way.. .

Then we went to a greek restaurant that is famous for having had the same menu since 1932..  I had lamb and spagetti, and it was DAMN good..  And not too ridulously expensive either..  It was located in the Plaka area, which is the big tourist-trap/shopping district of Athens..  There are tons of cool shops and cafes and whatnot, but somewhat sullied by the pushy-ass gypsies trying to sell hand-woven silk tablecloths at each street-corner..   They keep trying to get me to buy them (because they can smell that I'm a sucker) and when I try to tell them that I don't want them, and even if i DID want a tablecloth i wouldn't have room for it in my luggage, they just drop the price by 50 percent and keep hassling me..  You have to be quite rude to get them to leave....  I hate being rude.. :(  On our way out of the Plaka to the Agora (an Ancient Marketplace that has, among other things, the first public toilets) we got too damn hot and decided to come to the internet cafe, so here we are.. :)  I think we're just gonna go back to our room until sun-down when it cools off, and come back and see the agora tomorrow before our 9:30 flight to berlin...  Hope I didn't forget anything, but if I did i'll get kalin to post again!! 

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photo by: Johnpro