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In four and a half months I will leave for Europe. 

When I was seventeen I thought the best year of my life would be when I was 24.  I thought it was this ideal age where you were still young and could have fun, but old enough to have money, be on your own, and actually afford the freedom to follow your whims.  Of course, I'm sure this is at least somewhat related to the fact that I semi-idolized a twenty-four year old who packed his bags and heft for Hollywood with no support system.  He just did it.  Chased a dream. 

My twenty-fourth birthday is in two weeks.  I feel the pressure of my own high expectations.  My husband, Everett, came up with this crazy idea in early November that we should sell our house; use some of the money to go to Europe for the entire summer; and move to Regina, SK where housing is cheap, we have friends and family, and we can rest for whatever we want to happen next. 

I have felt so tied down lately.  It's not being married that makes me feel that way.  I actually love being married...four years and counting.  (But the story about that would, I digress, take too long to tell.)  I feel ties down becasue we've been here since I moved to Canada five and a half years ago and we have lived in four different places around the Edmonton area - including a two year jaunt to the shitastic suburb of Devon.  We've been homeowners for three and a half years.  His family is here.  All his friends.  I graduated from University with a worthless, yet prized, BA in English and Creative Writing and now have a nice, but perhaps underpaid, office/sales job for a progressive auto club.  I could have a future there if I stayed long enough....

We have no kids, only a cat that acts enough like an asshole teenager enough of the time to feel like another rope tightening around me.  But this one idea...this crazy idea that we change everything - except our sweet kity, whom we love more than he deserves - is something I wholeheartedly dove into and have been planning slowly every since.  There is so much to do... 

Right now I am trying to vaguely plan our route to make the most of our time.  We know we'll probably fly in and out of London.  We know we want to catch as many music festivals and shows as possible, go to the Greek islands, see Croatia, and probably spend too much tim in the Brown Cafes of Amsterdam.  And now?  After seeing some awesome photographs and catching up on the history of two Norweigan Sea islands, I'm trying to see if we can fit Ireland and the Faroe Islands into an already crowded dream schedule. 
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photo by: silan