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Tina driven me to a former zoo now turned recreational for seniors, meaning a place to walk, exercise, mediate, enjoy moment of peace and quiet.

Dean, a Chinese Foreign Teacher Recruiter, had introduced me to Tina after my 2nd week with private work. A small framed woman who stood the length of my shoulders. Her Chinenglish is moderate, but I have no problem understanding her when communicating. She's a mother of two, she's approaching 38yrs, she too looks younger ... more like approaching 30, married and partner of family export/import business, and she has an eagerness for knowledge and want to understand usage of the English language.

Tina befriends me as though she has known me all her life, we walked arm and arm in the mall and I explain the difference between style and fashion. Where I'm located in Dalian, the fashion here is catered to the younger generation, Tina and I certainly don't wish to dress like a unpaid walking advertisement, especially a mature woman wannabe recapturing her youth.

Tina (bless her heart - a very good hearted person)
I lived my life and adapt with changes.

As I explained to Tina, she and I have lived our life and time to dress with style and be proud where we stand. The clothes are aiming for young people who truly don't know how to dress (even my generation, they didn't dress well either). When I work in an office I want to look as though I belong in that office, not just the fact I'm an assistant. Anyway... another story for another time...

My first riding experience as a passenger in an actual car, not just taxi or bus, I believe Tina was having a good laugh, whenever she approaches what I refer as a close-call, I'm covering my eyes with my hands or grasping onto the door handle. When she speaks to me (whilst driving) Tina looks in my direction and I'm watching the road.

Tis how I feel when I'm just wondering what the heck I'm doing.
I literally gasped when Tina directed her car onto one way traffic, grateful that the road was a side street.

I have seen other motorists whip past her, attempting to make left turn in a right hand lane (oh, there has been so many that here, no one is actually in their own lane), or how close she squeezes her car between tight spaces I'm surprised there isn't any major dents or scratches on her (as well as other drivers) automobiles. Believe me, I've seen Chinese people actually arguing after a fender bender, no different in any other country.

Although the public transist buses and trams are crowded, I do ride as my mode of transport for distant areas, and yes, a crowded bus does become a bit claustrophobic (especially on a shopping day, I couldn't squeeze my way out), and having a front row seat to witness a public obstacle course between metal against metal, massive weaving of pedestrians, no sense of which lane, turning out of lane... I prefer walking whenever possible.

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Tina driven me to a former zoo now…
Tina driven me to a former zoo no…
Tina (bless her heart - a very goo…
Tina (bless her heart - a very go…
Tis how I feel when Im just wonde…
Tis how I feel when I'm just wond…
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