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Winter went straight into Summer, the weather is quite comfortable... early mornings with an occasional thick fog, warm afternoons, and cool nights. Mid terms are over - FINALLY - however, next week brings forth a very busy schedule. Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by this coming Wednesday, however, there are no classes scheduled tis weekend and was rescheduled tis Monday and Tuesday, OFF Wednesday, then that weekend is Parents Meeting... oh joy, 10 classes, not certain of my participation with the kindergarten / first grade levels... the fundamentals of being a teacher.

However, I'm getting ahead of myself, other events occured in April ... a Chinese Teacher Appreciation Awards which taken place at the Xinghai Park/Beach/Square, captured our moment on video whilst waiting for all the Chinese teachers to arrive before (will provide link in watching video).

Yes, I'm quite overdue in posting and sharing the pictures with one of the Chinese teachers. Usually, I'm quite prompt in posting my events and activities, but there really isn't much more to do in Dalian. I learned (today that is) Dalian is rather cultureless... but I won't drag on about details. Enjoy the photos of the Chinese and Foreign Teachers, I provided names to those I know.

Then came midterms and preparing the students with review. Conducting the oral test was challenging, students were both surprising and to b expected... With 10 classes, I only had to conduct 8 oral exams ... the Chinese teachers for the kindergarten and 1st grade level conducted those, nevertheless, quite tiring repeating the same questions and grading them as soon as they were done.

I was extremely tired by the end of the day ... I wanted regular conversation, sadly, I couldn't reach certain friends those evenings.

Already June and I've reached my burnt out stage... with the lack of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, I joined with admin staff and went to the Xinghai Park on Children's Day (1 June) and was swarmed with both children and their parents. No roaring or scream your lungs out rollercoasters or death defying rides, most catered for young children. From the photos you'd notice there was fun involved which was great, a Tuesday morning, day off, no class, not in an office... well, although children, no student children... 

Met a new friend, Annie, a Chinese freelance English teacher/single mother to a son (she works from her home) and check tis... she lives on the same block as I do, and the apartment building over, she's my neighbor.

New scoop... I plan to attend a TEFL course which I can add to my resume, also the certificate is recognized internationally. Exactly what I need for my change of location... I have big plans for 2011.

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photo by: lynnly