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Whilst still waiting, I emailed of my scenerio to selected few and I received an inquiry message, wondering if I ever had a less than ordinary life.. Hmmm, a mental nudge told me to take one of my calming pills today, glad I need and did, I've learned in past how to control my patience, and today I certainly required to put into serious practice.

Not really in mood to eat, just want to relax in new environment... My life is such a stage, why aren't I getting paid for a great performance? Need translation of latest announcement... Flight for Dalian was delayed and I texted Director of situation ... and flight departure was rescheduled for 1320hrs. Although the explanation was explained in English, I could barely understand with noise and typical airport noise.

We finally boarded, tis known when one sees flight reservationist opens the door ramp to board the plane, luckily I was nearby and was able to board without being too bombared by pushing passengers. Now, I'm not supersititous, but my assigned seat was 13C... tis right, folks, Europe and Asia have 13... now I'm not going to blame that 13 was the blame for my mishap getting to Dalian, for tis only a number, and if one believes that 13 is bad luck then all will be bad luck. I was seated by an elderly couple...

The plane landed at Xian Xianyang International Airport, Shaaxi China, which I thought was Dalian. Upon getting off the plane, a nagging thought suggested I question circumstances. The Xian Xianyang ticket gal inquired that I show her my ticket, which I did and she immediately switched me with a generic red 'standby' ticket then told me to wait in waiting room. There were connecting passengers also wanted to board for Dalian but could not... flight was delayed due to 'weather conditions' ... which wasn't clear.

The young male ticketer attempt his best to explain what's happening till another Chinese mature man explained that Dalian was experiencing fog. So bad that one couldn't see past 200m. Kept reminding myself, 13 is not the cause of tis situation... I had tried to contact Director by mobile, but got recording that number doesn't exist. I'm thinking, I've sent several messages which was sent, but did wonder why I never got reply. Luckily and anal as I'll ever be, I had copy and paste his information in my Blackberry Curve, and typed in number ... presto, he answered the phone (my typing was off a digit).

Later slightly by 1900hrs or so, the airline served us free, hot trayed food ... now, there could've been a better way of serving everyone, but that idea was never considered and I felt like I was in refugee camp ... need I say more? I was hungry and ate what was prepared, chicken leg, vegetables and steamed rice... didn't care for the scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Before 2000hrs, everyone destined for Dalian was rushed off like a herd into buses, the airlines were providing accommodations. Damn! (tis being polite) people are ever so rude... crowded into the buses (three to be exact) and single persons taken both seats, which I followed since the belly of bus was not opened. I thought we were being taken to the airport hotel which was across the way (or so I'm guessing), instead we disappeared into the night and was driven several MILES AWAY from the airport. I kept telling myself I can laugh about tis later, but I felt no humor at moment. I was grouchy, tired, exhausted ... the idea of laughing really hasn't passed my mind, especially after witnessing a young child urinating into a plastic bag for the bus wasn't equipped with a washroom.

We reached the hotel FINALLY, and even at that sitaution was maddening...Passengers, ignoring the angry shouting Chinese man telling them they need to wait their turn and get back of line, were cutting the line and shoving their way to the front desk. Oh, I was so ready to scream! I wondered who I would share room and prayed for someone nice and spoke a little English. As I got closer to the front desk, the receptionist had shouted for another single woman, a petite young woman, in front of me, raised her hand... however, another woman who forced her way to the desk was already assigned. I was to inquire if she would mind sharing a room with me, by the time we both reached the assigning receptionist, she wrote both our tickets the room number. Miao (pronounced 'meow' also same name of my Jinan friend) is her name and she works in Dalian. She is 22yo, small framed gal and quite pleasant. Miao's English wasn't all that bad, I could understand her with no problem. Very sweet gal.

Once inside our assigned room, we both texted, emailed our family and friends before retiring for the night. She freshed whereas I decided to shower in the morning so I can just wash away any negative vibes. Whilst trying to mental block the crying baby next door and rude passengers slamming their doors (for whatever reason), I finally got into a comfort mode and started to sleep... ... too soon for comfort because at 2300hrs we were rudely awaken by a sharp rapping on the door, a woman urgently announced that everyone had to get dressed for the buses were ready to return to the airport.

Well, there goes my shower... Hurriedly, Miao and I dressed and dashed out the door and for the elevator which we missed first but made the next. We ran in the dark to the lit buses, we shoved our way inside and sat together. Miao explained to me that her parents were both teachers and she too wish to become teacher, not academic but music teacher... teaching the Chinese traditional string instruments... sorry, at tis time, I don't know name but will research. She's employed by an office where she is a cashier (her description), I'm not sure what type... I'm guessing either as an accountant or bank teller. She wants change in which I commended her that she can make her dream come true, keep reaching.

She then opened her carryon which was filled with snacked foods, and generously shared her stash. "Very delicious," she said..imagine, meat wrapped in gold foil as though candy. Miao gathered a handful and offered to me. We exchanged mobile numbers...
sylviandavid says:
Oh my goodness.... what an adventure.... and it's so hard not knowing what the announcements are... Xi'an sounded like a nightmare... glad you got to share a room with Miao...she sounds nice. Sylvia
Posted on: Feb 26, 2010
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