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Patience ... is there such a word?

As some of you know that I'm an extremist due to punctuality. I behaved and refused to glance at my mobile clock whilst I was driven to the airport from Sam's Guest House. We exchanged no words, since he hardly spoken any English as I with Chinese, however, watching as the scenery pass me by ... I truly wondered if I was being driven to the airport ...

Driver taken beated - literally - path to airport! I figured he was avoiding any toll booths. Yes, to calmly admit, I panicked for I wanted to question his sense of direction, but said nothing. Traffic was awful but flowing.

Departure drop off was crowded but managed to get cart for my luggage (2 carryons and 2 suitcases). Didn't know which line for check-in, saw a Information Person (woman) and I tried to get her attention (try to wheel a cart with that much luggage) and she looked at me as though I was ... something rather than as someone. She didn't even make an effort to approach, instead she had me go to her.

She said in Chinglish, Line 35, that line was relatively short and I should check-in within time... which was now after 1100hrs. After 10 minutes, a ticket counter person (woman) was checking passengers' ticket, she then looked at mine then indicated I was in wrong line. Ok, just visual this... WALLS of people in EVERY checkin line... I wanted to spat, but you can see the pain on my face when I had to move to the back of the line.

Another 5 minutes, I was then told AGAIN I was in wrong line, she pointed to other side of the airport for line 46. I bolted, and there was a Chinese man nearby and overheard for Dalian flight and started to race me. I got in que, but was rudely kept being shoved to move closer into the passengers in front of me.

When came my turn for checkin, those same people were SO IMPATIENT ... before the ticketer can give me my ticket and label my suitcases... the wife was standing on my right and her significant other on my left handing in their identifications. I literally had to gesture "Get the heck out of my way!" for I was no mood in speaking.
Past weight requirement, you can almost see the sweat from my brow and although I buzzed for metal (my antique clock is pure metal) I passed individual inspection.

Now I'm just waiting for my flight.. To be continued...
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photo by: spocklogic