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Well, by tis Saturday officially marks 3 weeks in Dalian, and you know, for working only Saturday and Sunday, 8hr shift each, and off the rest of the week... life isn't all that bad. However, preparing lesson plans for 11 classes of different levels is quite challenging. I'm doing my best without over the deep end.

I've gradually regenerated my groove (routine) and developing lesson plans are slightly becoming easier, probably end of tis month I'll have no problems. Presently, I had completed lessons for tis week in two days with fine tuning, I'm ready. After today's meeting tis afternoon, I'm still determined in purchasing a new camera with another external hard drive for JUST my photos ... Did purchase the coolest device, a Gadmei HD multimedia display which I can use an electronic flash board and video viewer for my classes. None of the classrooms HERE have TV monitors which meant I couldn't my smaller laptop as my 'white board' - slightly frustrating for a computer nerd.

If there is a will, there is always a way... especially for a creative mind, so anything is possible.

Haven't done too much photo hunting ... one reason, weather is still COLD!!! I don't mind sweater weather, but yesterday plus a few dates back, Dalian had snow flakes. Spring with much effort is making her appearance yet Winter is determined to remain. Also, so cold not easy in holding camera steady. I will note that Evening is later than usual which is good, that means I can take dust shots and as soon as the weather warms, I'll take those night shoots of the city when lit... absolutely breathing taking seeing neon outlines of buildings and signs.

Ok, tis all I can say now, didn't have opportunity in updating my other artistic photos online yet... but after tis week, I'll have finally grasped my routine and editing my photos and blog will become more timely.

sylviandavid says:
I think winter it staying everywhere.... we are hoping to get hay into the barn but it keeps raining so it's too muddy to get the trucks through..... soon. glad to hear you are doing well... sylvia
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
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photo by: lynnly