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Aston Future 3 teachers (I was taking the photo)

In truth, I know I've been rather away from my keyboard in regards writing anything about Dalian. Although tis City is not very old, a few hundred years, in reality I feel as though I'm just living in another city, just an overpopulated China town downtown of any metropolitan area... I feel as though I never left the States.

Very sad indeed ... I certainly sought toward a very cultural atmosphere with museums, dancing (not club clubs) and many scenic of Traditional China.

Sleeping peaceful.
Instead, I am surrounded by the traffic noise (not much honking as if in Sichuan) of the automobiles in motion, apartment complexes, attending office for work and class preparation, eating and shopping for either groceries, dining out, electronic items, or clothes then go home to sleep then awaken again only do the exact same activities as yesterday. Really... what is there to do whilst in Dalian?

Now, I will say that I've been quite fortunate to have befriended Tina and her family, husband and their two sons, then met her husband's classmates and their family. Without her and shared moments of our cultural interests, her learning English and its sentence usage and my practice speaking Chinese, Tina has certainly kept my mind creative as possible. Of course, I also thank my mother and phone buddy Kirk, they keep me in sync, and, yes, my co-author, Nick.

The resort where we stayed the night and enjoyed the fresh natural spring waters.
I call them (thank goodness for Skype) when I feel I've lost my sense of my purpose.

Believe me, I enjoy teaching, but I also enjoy being creative as possible. However, I haven't had much opportunity in putting my creativity into practice since my arrival... or at least I should say that I haven't seen that much to peak a spark of interest. Walking has kept me quite fit and most locations of scenic value are almost walking distance. Much faster for me to walk to destination than taking a bus, but in either case, I do enjoy riding the bus just to see outside areas of Dalian.

China just celebrated their Labor Day tis past first weekend of May, I didn't go out of town, really wasn't in mood of spending too time riding in a crowded bus or train, or be stuck for hours within central of town being actually getting out of Central Dalian.

scenic view...
I spent my time in finishing my lessons before the Midterm, on Thursday attended a Chinese Teacher recognition outing (no worries, pictures are included for viewing), which was fun with lots of chaos, but crazy fun nevertheless. Not too many Foreign Teachers participated, but I wanted to support my school location for I had become friends, at the office, with most of them... Rebecca wasn't there, she had already left to visit her family, she did invite me, but I already other commitments (like my Chinese lessons). But we promised each other to visit another location together tis forth coming October.

The weather was simply beautiful and sunny... chilly winds but worth every moment. Extremely bright orange shirts were distributed to the teachers, an outing was simply what all the teachers required.

Tina's husband's brother and her two sons
Wonderful sunshine and crisp blue skies and fresh winds, how perfect. There were more female teachers than males, poor Bruce middle age Chinese guy is in search of a girlfriend for possible marriage and have not found anyone suitable. Welcome to the middle age of dating... tis another story for another time... still drafting such another article. There were moments of confusing fun so much like when foreign teachers getting Chinese children to understand instructions to a game activity.

Saturday morning I went a museum exhibit of Chinese artifacts and paintings, Xinghai Square was crowded and people were coming out of buses to overtake the same amusement park area, I witnessed six wedding convoys... talk about love being in the air... was invited to see a Chinese film with Tina and her husband - translation 'history of kung fu' .

The family babies...
..a must-see tis worth watching almost an Asian version of Rocky... Tina and I swooned like college girls as we drooled over the main actor... what a hunk and great smile (perfect teeth), invited for a Japanese lunch, then by Sunday, Tina had invited me for an outing for the remains of Labor Day.

She inquired if I had ever been to hot springs before, which I have whilst in Sichuan, and that Sunday morning, they had collected me at a meeting point and driven two miles out of Dalian. Very remote area, 'Real China,' Tina told me, indeed as such ... hilly, mountainous, cultivated soil, farmers, mules, oxen... hardly any green leaves, but did see youthful plum blossoms which brought forth beauty despite the remnants of winter. "This is where my husband grew up," Tina informed. Upon looking at his former home to his current status and location, he has done very well for himself, wife and family. Tis couple are so honest and humble that I'm quite proud to have made their acquaintances.

We arrived, met the rest of the families and continued our journey through the Dalian's countryside. After another hour or so, we arrived at a hillside which other families had parked their cars, really can't say t'was parking ... but anyway, and we started to climb a very rocky path. Tina mentioned we were going to the springs in which earlier that morning I had put on my bathing suit accompanied with a skirt and packed a bag for a set of change clothes, but a 6th sense suggested that I bring other items... so I brought pants another top, towel and wore my walking shoes rather than my sandals. Luckily I packed those items for she and I had to change our clothes before climbing the side of the mountain.

The wind was wicked that Sunday morning and she, the two other wives and I didn't go too far, so we returned below. The same abode which served as an eatery for guests by day and by evening a place of residence the occupations were preparing our country lunch. I won't go into details of how country certain facilities appeared, but enough to put a military latrine to shame and the average city socialite in appreciating indoor plumbing.

Lunch was quite ... interesting, there was a certain prepared dish which I really had to stomach my facial expression in not to appear too grossed. However, the chicken soup dish... with its clawed feet and leg all in one bowl, well, I certainly kept my eating toward the vegetables... the home grown potatoes, both sweet and standard brown, were tasty and so were the greens, I was selected with my meat portions.

Later, we drove to a resort which was literally in a remote area, yet there were other well constructed hotels and others being built, taking presents. I was informed that the each hotel had their own hot springs... now where we stayed was not that fancy, but comfortable. The resort where we stayed was probably one of the first ones built because the others were expanded from left to right, expensive exterior modernization and one won't realize the actual size of the building until once inside. However, most of these hotels do lack the guest shops, which was quite a surprise when Tina and I were in search of purchasing an every day oversized t-shirt to wear as over night shirts. We visited a local ... very local ... shop and purchased a few fashionable (the ones I call with so much print on the front) shirts as sleepwear.

I don't normally swim, in fact, I really don't swim above water, and I’m still waiting to get certified to scuba dive. Must wait till I return to the States, I suppose, but nevertheless, I had an water tube and swam back and forth of the deep end to get a bit of exercise in pure fluidity, quite the workout, I was exhausted. In actuality, I didn't think about anything, no work, no worries, no nothing (of course, I did realize that I wasn't returning to my apartment till the next day, then yes, I did think of my daily calls).

We returned the next morning, we encountered a problem when we reached the toll gate to return route for the expressway but was closed off in which the roads were available for the Korean Prime Minister's arrival. Tina's husband drove along the coastal route which the return drive would have taken approximately 2hrs plus, but rather close to 4hrs.

As promised, there are photos to share... and home videos in editing stage.

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Aston Future 3 teachers (I was tak…
Aston Future 3 teachers (I was ta…
Sleeping peaceful.
Sleeping peaceful.
The resort where we stayed the nig…
The resort where we stayed the ni…
scenic view...
scenic view...
Tinas husbands brother and her t…
Tina's husband's brother and her …
The family babies...
The family babies...
photo by: lynnly