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I slept probably 4hrs after arriving from the airport, by morning light, I had asked South African teacher if i could kindly use his computer to logon onto Skype to make calls and check my email. I contacted my parents, KB pal in St Petersburg FL, and answered a few emails. However, the system's browser is setup without cookies and I'm unable to send my mail list an update of my blog because my new email server is being rejected with certain stateside servers... at least Skype is not so fussy.

Prior to Skype conversation with Director, a Chinese assistant was to arrive at 1300hrs to register me with the local police department then take me to the school. Whilst taking an extra nap to regain my strength, I later awaken to learn how to open the front door. Apparently, the lock greatly differs that I'm accustomed and almost panicked because I couldn't figure how to open the door... till after 10 minutes of understanding the mechanism, I successfully opened the door.

Cherry, the young girl's name, arrived late at the airport, 45 minutes late. I had slight misunderstanding in what she explained what we were to do that afternoon. She didn't speak nor smiled much. Learned that tis was her day off and she was assisting me with a few school errands. We taken a trolley (she refers as train) then bus into downtown.

I almost felt as though I was back in Jinan, so much traffic!! At least the beeping horns was minimal, unlike in Dujiangyan. Downtown was overwhelming, towering buildings, cars everywhere as much as people. I met with Director and he provided me a care/welcome package, best included a bus pass (starting with 30RMB) which I can replenish as needed, an international calling card (I use skype) for all my calls), and a few 'goodies'... yes, I did eat that Snickers, at that moment, chocolate tasted really appealing.

Cherry showed me how to return to the apartment. I explained that I appreciated her time in showing me for usually when someone show me once on how to get somewhere I will remember the next time. I observed and remembered every possible easy landmark in which I'll know that I'm heading in the proper direction.

Later that night, Director contacted me about attending a farewell dinner for a couple. South African guy debated in attending but came anyway, he just explained that he really didn't associate with foreigners as much. He is very much a private, quiet person who likes being alone. I can understand that.

Met Alex who is a Chinese/Australian mix... nice, funny guy... met the other teachers who accompanied us to the restaurant. There was a familiar feeling about meeting them... we taken two taxis to the place, which I learned is a common place for these particular teachers. A mix group, foreigners and Chinese teachers .. SA introduced me, they all said their hellos and returned to their own little world and spoke among themselves. I didn't get involved in any of their conversations.

Now I remember that feeling ... tis ok, not my type of crowd.

Nevertheless, the food was great and drank freshly made peanut milk was simply delicious made the rest of the night worthwhile.
sylviandavid says:
So glad you were able to enjoy yourself observing at the dinner....
Posted on: Feb 26, 2010
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By midnight, all passengers were shuttled to the plane on the flight line, I felt as though I was in a crazy race with no finish line. Everyone was running toward the parked aircraft, not for their seats but to ensure they are able to stash their carry-ons in the overhead storage bins. As Miao and I approached the stair ramp, there was a large Chinese businessman in front of Miao and I, and his width was the size of the stair rails and as he fished for his ticket, he literally blocked Miao and I from getting onto the metal steps. Left or right, he wouldn't move out of the way, finally flight attendant told him to move aside so the rest of the other passengers could get on board...

Luckily again, I was able to store my items in the overhead compartment close to where I was seated... 13 was certainly not my bad luck, mother nature and murphy's law had their turn in laughing over humans' mishap. My last text to my director was close to 0200hrs, in truth, I was surprised he had gotten my message whilst on enroute to airport. By 0215hrs, the aircraft was airborne... a silent prayer of thanks...

To wrap tis story, I finally arrived in Dalian by 0300hrs ... now, imagine me trying to wheel 3 suitcases away without a luggage cart... tis time, I did speak up when I spoke in Chinese ... DEMANDING POLITELY.. crowded passengers to MOVE, and yes, I did shove my way through the masses, however, I wasn't rude... There was light at the end of this tunnel, I met Director and South African fellow. No personal driver tonight ... he had already turned off his mobile, and every unauthorized transport driver approached us and spoke to ME inquiring if we required service.

The South African's apartment is six flights, Director stayed to assist in carrying my luggage whilst South African hoisted the other whilst I carried (backpack and computer tote)... The spare room had a double wide bed and looked so comfortable...

Finally did sleep... I listened to the raindrops gently pattering on the window pane...
sylviandavid says:
Whew.... "home at last".... Crazy times....
Posted on: Feb 26, 2010
photo by: lynnly