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Hello, family, friends and fellow travelers,

Pardon for my lack of not writing as much. Really haven't traveled anywhere to write or share photos... well, that's not entirely true, the share photos that is. I've been put on on-call status, or floater, meaning that I am assigned teaching when required. Get paid the same of number of hours I had registered, just don't work as hard... LOL! Almost a deal in itself, receive a paycheck for almost doing nothing. I do have ONE assigned class every Saturday morning, then I'm free most of the time... and I do mean majority of the time.

I'd say the first week of being a floater, I was called to do conduct a weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) for a staff on holiday, then on Wednesday called for another whilst I was preparing to conduct the school staff their English Class, then Saturday, slammed again when my presence was requested to return to my original school for another teacher had called in sick. The manager of the advanced class had requested that I teach for the remaining semester since they do not have an official teacher handling the class, so no biggie. Really don't mind at all.

However, with all tis free time, I have returned to doodling... an idea I've had for a while, but not as original ... sort of, since the character's life reflects very much much of my own. I'm in the process of producing a small video introduction of "Life after 40", in which all gets to know the characters. I've drawn a few times whilst younger, but stopped since I thought I wasn't really that great in sketching... but I seem to do ok, so far.

I do miss several people in my life lately, I guess you might say that I've got a case of homesickness. Not exactly, but I do miss being around true friends and family. My feelings is slightly in a rage since I've got way too much time on my hands. I do yearn for someone in particular, I believe he knows and I feel so absent when I don't hear from him. Maybe I'm going through a bad case of 'psychological' emptiness, happens I suppose when one isn't socializing as much... well, enough of that thought, must continue with myself. My good friend also in US-FL reminded me that as long as I continue thinking and generate positive vibes, then the best will also happen.

Glad she reminded me for I had forgotten my own suggestion. He's out there somewhere and I do look toward the day we meet again.

So, I share with you, my friends, I too sometimes become a little jealous when you share moments with your family and other friends for I too want to be there to share those moments too. Know that each small chat we speak or text online means a step closer I know you as a person. Those unexpected get-togethers, lunches, meet-ups and hanging out I so much want to share again with you. We are friends in spirit, virtually and emotionally, and I hold very close to my heart. Believe me, when we miss each other via email or call, for I know you are as busy as I ... time difference and worlds apart ... lonliness overwhelms me.

Pardon the sentimental tone, but the cloudy skies brings forth the mood of memories and appreciation.

Till my next entry...



Sunflower300 says:
I'm feeling these thoughts along with you. You are not alone in your loneliness. :)
Posted on: Jul 16, 2010
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