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I've been in the UAE now for 2 months, and no longer am I treated as a tourist, but as a full fledged expat.  For example today while rollerblading along the corniche road (an amazing bike / walking / skating trail) and pass the same 5 people who love rollerblading on their day off.  And today I even had several friendly tourists asking me directions and advise for things to do.

So what makes you an expat?

I surely don't know.  I live in a trailer in the desert, but found myself checking out home prices.  This place is cheap, I could get something that in chicago would be 450,000 dollars for about 110,000 dollars, buy that strait cash fool!  Of course I would consider moving here if the money was right, cold work in the city, get my women over here, and be allowed to fufill my favourite hobby of brewing beer.  So that ain't happening.


The other day I did indeed say "I'll see you around T-time".... my reference for T time is not drinking Tea, but the time Mr.T is on the TV (of course).   So does language make you an expat?  Sure there are lots of english people here; but if I wanted to be a hardcore expat I would know how to speak arabic... not bloody likely.

What about fashion?  Yea the people here look guy in their armani suits, and white robes.  But then that wouldn't make an expat, just a local.

What about my car?  ha I drive a mistibichi, no benz for me.  So it couldn't be my car.

No what makes an expat is not being intimadated by the laws of the land, having a healthy tan, and ignoring the social norms associated with tourism.   

ahtibat17 says:
Interesting read!
Posted on: May 04, 2010
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