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Yea so one thing people forget about the middle east is how friendly people can be.  This is lossed in the large shopping malls of abu dhabi with its horny crowds of twenty-something males trying to look cool in their robe, sunglasses, and cellphone.  Even worse are the arrogant european tourist going about how they're the most important people because they're on holiday to the UAE.  Yes, all the americans I've run into (canadians too!) have done me proud.... However this is a story of arab hospitality.

So we were driving back to the gas field deep in the desert of the empty quarter.  One of our requirements was to park our car in a sand-lot and then get transported into the secure facility.  My partenr drove on the sand and we quickly sank.  Yes we were stuck in the desert!  Luckily a group of arab herder types came by.  We quicky aquired a shovel and dug us out of the sand, and we pushed, and pushed...... and pushed, and the car came out.  The herders refused any money, and went on their way.

Lesson learned:  Don't drive on the sand.  And the locals can be friendly even thoguh some of the people in the city seemed like d-bags. 

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Abu Dhabi
photo by: JP-NED