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Ok so as some of you may know, I am working out in the desert in the emmirate of abu dhabi, about an hour outside of the city, but two hours from the beach :(  My office consists of a large room with a bunch of tables, shared by all the contracters who are providing temp work for this project, its a dismell group of older and younger guys from mainly europe, but several americans like myself, and canadians too.  Not a lot of new york / midwestern types, but thats ok.  Also there are lots of folks from india and pakistan, but other parts of asia too, making up the vast majority of workers.

So there is this new guy in town from alabama, a good guy, and has a team of indians doing his grunt work... nothing against india or anything, but they have lots of math and science types, and they make up the work force in the middle east.

So he walks in, starts talking to one of the indians, and says "hey look at this white hood I bought, I thought it could keep me out of the fucking sun, then I realized everyone would think I am part of the ku klux klan!"..... I'm trying not to crack up, and even funnier is that the indian fellow has no idea what he's talking about and is nodding to make sure his boss isn't offended.... but his eyes just look completly confused... to make it funnier this same guy (kkk boy) just walked in jamming out to britney spears.... and we're talking old school, you know, oops i did it again, yaddda yadfda yadda

sylviandavid says:
Ha Ha.... no worries on KKK ... there's no wood there to make a cross to burn..... sylvia
Posted on: Mar 30, 2010
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Abu Dhabi
photo by: JP-NED