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So I've arrived to abu dhabi and i'm alive and well; so here are my first impressions of this country:

First thing first is how freakin' similar this country is to the united states from the early 1990's; or if it was run by ronald reagan for to long!  The people here love shopping malls, which is usually a criticism about the american walmart culture.  The walmart culture in this country is rising rapidly, and except for usuing old people for cheap labor people use indians and phillipinois.  Its kind of odd how multi ethnic this place is.  My guess of the composition would be 20 % local, 10 % European/ Americas; 30 percent indians, and the rest east asian.  Its quite odd really.  Also I noticed that there really isn't much of a UAE culture, but more people aspiring to try to be like the west, come on, where’s the love?

Some things I would like to do is rent some rollerblades and ride along the coast, so i'll be arranging that.  The hotel I'm at is adequate but not spectacular.  The people here are kind of rude which I'm disappointed with.  Thats it for now, no pictures yet until I get a camera system sorted out!  And have a good one of course

mightor20 says:
it's filipinos. phillipinois sounds french. :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
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Abu Dhabi
photo by: JP-NED