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So I have finally decided to take the plunge and try driving in the UAE.  I have driven before here but this is my first time doing it alone, mainly because my business partner is being a sissy and doesn’t want to come to the city this weekend.  His mistake because we’re having a meeting with some businessmen from Dubai and Houston.  That of course means lots and lots of free food; good drinking; and checking out all the beautiful women from the Philippines.  Sweet !


So what is driving like?  Not so tough!  The empty quarter where I spend all my time has risks with wild camels, and sand drifts, but those are few and far between.  I did witness a gruesome accident where it appears a trucks wheel fell out, it flipped, and the driver had his window open, wasn’t wearing a seat belt; and looked pretty decapitated. 


Driving in abu dhabi city is like driving in Chicago.  Medium traffic, some irrationalness, but nothing to challenging.  I here Dubai is much more difficult so I’ll find out eventually. 


Some observations:  Beware of speed cameras


Once you’re outside the city people drive really fast, you should to.


Respect the locals.  They can be douche bags and don’t like their reliance on foreigners in every industry.  However if you piss them off they can pretty much have you deported for a minor offence!


Edit 1:  Beware of where you park.  If it looks to good, it might be to good 'cause I got meself a ticket today... 200 dirhams :(


Edit 2:  I was told a tail of someone getting hit by a camel.  Camels are not just delicious cigarettes but they're fucking huge.  A driver told me that at night in the desert camals will run around in packs, and this fellow got hit by the camal (not hitting the camal).  They have poor night vision and they ruined a fellows door!  So nightime + desert = beware of camals... and I have no idea how to spell the bloody thing

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