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We left a very grim looking london around mid morning Thursday. After we had picked everyone up and been stuck in the occasional traffic jam we finally got out of London, around the Birmingham area we were met by another trafficjam and heavy snowfall. Everyones face turned a bit skeptical, but I tried to reasure everyone that the sun would be shining in Wales - everyone laughed as I have told a joke, I myself started to doubt myself as the nearer we got to Wales the darker the weather turned, but as soon as we crossed what we presumed would be the the Welsh border the weather lit up a bit, and you could see the sun was trying to break through the clouds. As we entered the Welsh mountains the weather chnaged constantly, but as we were driving into Porthmadog it was getting dark and we could see the sun setting behind the mountains, I could not have wished for a more beatiful entry - and it showed that I had been right. As the dark fell we could see a completely clear sky full of stars, it looked promising for the next day trek. We awoke the next morning to heavy snowfall and everything covered in white - not as we have planned and this was just the first taster as how quickly the weather changes in the mountains. So we had to change our route slightly. It was a great day of trekking we were meet by steep and tricky mountain side ascents, stunning views and constantly changing weather and at one point the visibility being so poor that you could only see a few metres ahead.  Finished the trek after having walked for around 5 hours, and nice warm both followed by a meal and drinks we're in order. The trek next day we had agreed should not be that challenging as we had to drive back to London in the afternoon. The sky was a lot clearer which promised for some spetaculat views and it did not dissapoint, we didn't ascent as high as the day before (reaching 300 m against 700m the day before) but the trek was just as beatiful. After a cup of tea and cake and a tea house in a village it was time to embark on the kourney back to London. The 1.5 hours through the beautiful weslh mountains and hills were soon replaced with the mondane and boring English motorways.

londondane says:
Thanks for all your comments, feedback and smiles.
Posted on: Feb 24, 2010
TravellingAuntie says:
Looks like a great weekend!
Posted on: Feb 24, 2010
evanowen says:
Porthmadog, Snowdonia, Wales... lovely places, but the sun is a rare sight thanks to the weather. However, there are some unforgettable places to visit, come soon, come see the Neolithic remains, come feel the 'heddwch' in sites which have lain undisturbed for eons. Please do travel to get a feel for 'It'. I have some things to show you.
Posted on: Feb 24, 2010
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