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Our first destination was Rotorua, the city which is 5 hours drive from Wellington. We had missed out many attractions of Rotorua last time we visited, due to time-miscalculation. In fact, we missed out almost everything that the tourists must do!

We checked in the Novotel in Rotorua around 6 P.M. As we’re in the CBD area, it’s quite convenient for us to visit the Polynesian Spa, a hot mineral springs spa, voted to be World’s Top 10 hot spa pools.

As we had a baby with us, we took time to consider which type of zone was the most suitable for us. There were 5 of them to choose from.

The most famous one was the “RADIUM & PRIEST Hot Springs” which was decorated in natural style.
Each pool was made of stone and it went well with the Rotorua Lake scenario.  The small land in the lake was full of white doves. We didn’t  enter this zone because the water in this zone was acidic springs which flow from the pumice.

We ended up with “Lake Spa Retreat” zone. The water in this zone was an alkaline which is safe for everyone. The ticket includes free locker and towels.  The temperature of this zone was ranged from 38-42 celsuis degree. We all went for the 30 degree one.

My 10 months old baby seemed to enjoy it so much I guessed he would think of the time when he was swimming in my womb, as the temperature and environment were similar.

I also felt absolutely relax. Not sure if it’s because of the natural mineral which help relaxing muscle as advertised or it’s because I tried to be a good photographer all the time.
Lake Spa Retreat
I asked my husband to hold my son as I told him that I didn’t want to miss out some good photos of daddy and son.

After spending time in the pool for half an hour, we went to the shower. I put my son on my lap and faced out of me. While I was pouring some warm water on him, he was unusually quiet. I turned his face to me and it was my turn to be silent. There’s blood around his nose. All I could think of was that it must be some effect of the hot pool! I threw away the shower as I presumed that the difference of the temperature could make his condition went worse! I tried to be calm and reached my hand to wipe his nose….and I found out that I was too analytical. The blood from his nose was just from some scratch from his nail!

But the similar condition caused by the hot pool was the sleepiness. My intention to had some treatment the beauty spa, one of their facilities, was cancelled.

Before we headed back to bed, we had a nice dinner at Fat Dog Café, one of the best café in Rotorua.

kbutera says:
Hello! Cant wait to get there myself. Still searching all the sites and trying to figure out the best things to do.
Posted on: Oct 12, 2007
pauric_doherty says:
Great review of the pools. Can;t wait to find out more about them in person!!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
newtampo says:
I'm a bit jeolous, your son has been travelling since he was just 10 months. (Actually what i heard is before he was born). Hope he likes travelling when he grows up as his mom :) (Lucky that the blood was by the nail)
Posted on: Jun 03, 2007
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Lake Spa Retreat
Lake Spa Retreat
Lake Spa Retreat
Lake Spa Retreat
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee