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The Voyage Belek
I've been to Turkey with my friend Gunda 3 times already. Escaping from dull, drizzly, cold, dark German winter was really what we needed after the most awfull summer northern Europe has seen for years. I needed some sun to survive the neverending winters here ;)

I wasn't sure about going to Turkey again but my friend persuaded me to join her on this trip. After several trips during the summer to Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden and some weekend trips in Germany my pockets were empty but I was sooooo in need of sun that I didn't mind and said "yes"!!!

We intendend this trip just for relaxing since Gunda had a bad summer for some reasons and we booked a 5***** Hotel with ultra-all-inclusive comforts. All we wanted was great food, great weather, great beach and ocean and lots of fun.
The Voyage Belek

Since we've been to the Kemer area 3 years before we wanted to go to a different destination. Another friend told me that she went to Belek for years now and she's very happy there. OK, let's try Belek. I checked the internet for a nice hotel which wasn't easy. The offer is huge and to find the right one is a game of luck. I choose the "Voyage Belek". It had great reviews and the price was reasonable but it turned out as a disappointment (I tell you in my review)

Well, early on a friday morning we drove to the train station in Leer. My friend left the car on the parking place. Her husband would pick it up later. We enterd the train to Bremen and arrived the airport in time. The flight went without any incidents and we arrived Antalya at 2 p.
The Voyage Belek

The customs were done fast same as collecting our luggage and one hour later we arrived a bit exhausted at our hotel.

The check-in went without any trouble and an employee accompanied us to our room since the hotel site is huge. Additional to the 2 main buildings there are several smaller ones.

Arriving at our room I was a bit shocked. Next to our bungalow was the construction site of a new hotel. My first listening was a buzz saw. Hurray!! That's what I need for a relaxed holiday **rolleyes**

My friend calmed me down and suggested to explore the huge hotel and the beach before we have a shower before dinner. That's what we did ;)

After an exhausting day we went to bed early but I couldn't fall asleep since the contruction works went on all night :( Bye bye relaxing holidays!!!
aloneinthecrowd says:
I wish I could escape from cold now but I can't :( Too many work, too less money ;)
Posted on: Feb 21, 2010
Travelbuddys says:
YEAH!!! and that p[oint is right NOW!!!!
Posted on: Feb 21, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
It does get to a point where you just need the sun :D
Posted on: Feb 20, 2010
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The Voyage Belek
The Voyage Belek
The Voyage Belek
The Voyage Belek
The Voyage Belek
The Voyage Belek
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