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We stopped in Rawlins, WY again last night and this morning I had to get up extra early. For the first time ever I am up and about before my father!!! SHOCKER! ;P I'm up before the crack of dawn so I can hit the road and make it to Brush, CO. Another driver, Tom M. is in need of a rear pilot car and since I am available I agreed to drive down to meet him. Its only a short trip and his destination, Laramie, is a stone throw away from Cheyenne. I had planned to stay there for a couple of days before heading east to Iowa.

The day started out with some thick, but reflective fog.. Looking above you can see the sun piercing through and at moments its light would blindly reflect off all the moisture in the air... It was a strange experience, one that I don't recall ever having before with fog. Luckily it only lasted fro about 30 miles. Besides the fog the trip to Brush was uneventful. Even the trip back to the WY border was uneventful. Clear day, little traffic, and a few jokes about paying me with meat sandwiches from Tom. LOL, I Think I need to start offering to pay people in Tofu! just to see their facial expressions :P

Once in Wyoming we have to pull over into the Port of Entry so Tom can purchase his WY permit.. While waiting for Tom to emerge from the office I notice two DOT officers walk outside, point to me and then head over to the other pilot driver's car. The other pilot was inside so they just waited. and waited.. and waited some more. I can see them laugh and joke outside and when the other pilot driver came out they have him go through all his stuff.. I watch all this from my rear view mirror and I thought that maybe something was wrong with his car. nope they wanted to inspect that he was legit to escort..

But then they come to me! I had everything but an extra "OverSize" sign and I forgot to retrieve my reflective triangles from Dad.. No biggie cause they are willing to let me run to the truckstop down the road to resupply.. However I am still feeling rather peeved.. They saw me in my car and could have came to me first when they realize that the other driver was not in his car. Now Tom, the driver, is back in his truck and ready to roll, BUT I am expected to get more supplies so I can be a legit escort in Wyoming.. It all just feels like a big dose of poor time management. I know and fully understand that holding us up is NOT their problem, but it is still a bit rude and shows a lack of respect. We all need to work harmoniously together. From my observations most problems in this business are due to people working against each other. It doesn't matter if holding a bunch of drivers up is not the DOT's problem, that doesn't mean they need to work against the drivers.. The drivers are moving equipment that benefit DOT officers as well..

Fortunately the other escort had plenty of extra equipment for me to borrow so that we can move on toward Laramie without any delay.

After leaving Tom in Laramie I get a txt message from my father. His air pump came undone and caused the trailer to drastically swerve across the road and ruined 24 tires!

I try to call him, but verizon cell service is not working and I have no idea where he is. Txt messages are not consistently coming through and I'm worried!!

After some sporadic texting I meet him at the Sapps Truck stop just East of Cheyenne. His truck was in the shop and a large group of mechanics are standing around the pile of damage tires. Dad was inside trying to talk to the company that made him the trailer, this was not the first issue we have had with the tires.... He gives me the whole story. Apparently the Air Pump was never properly tightened by the trailer manufacturer. It was literally held together by the paint. Yeah, just think about that for a moment...

This seriously could have happened at any time and we are SOOOOOOO fortunate that:

1. Dad is an excellent driver with years and years of experience! and..

2. That NO ONE else was on the road in harms way..

Replacing the tires alone cost $10,000. The mechanics had to travel as far as Denver to get enough tires for his trailer. and upon further inspection my father discovered several other hoses and air pumps not properly tightened by the manufacturer..

The whole situation is a reminder of how fortunate we are and where our priorities really should be placed..

fransglobal says:
Still, the tyres are cheaper than the red dress :P
Posted on: Dec 03, 2010
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