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Martin and Marci
As many of you know I have this deep affection for old derelict and abandoned houses, especially those fading away in rural landscapes.. Most of the time I am left to my own imagination at guessing the story behind the rubble, but on a rare occasion I have the pleasure of learning the truth..

I was driving back from San Antonio and heading toward Coleman, Tx via Hwy 87 N when I came across a couple of old wooden houses on the side of the road.. Both were surrounded by Texas shrubbery and behind some fencing, They looked like they have been empty for many many years! It was noon and the sun was high in the sky without a single cloud.
One of the houses was definitely in better condition than the other and there appeared to be a drive way still in use leading to a new and possibly occupied home in the background..

For a brief moment I thought about just making a quick note in my book about where the house was located and return later, but I knew that with my job "later" may never materialize. So without too much thought I did a U-ey and pulled into the driveway.

I was right, the driveway did lead to an occupied house and standing in front was an older couple, both looking at me with quizzical expression. Quickly I reached for my camera and a business card (good thing I got these printed out!) and walked up to them with my more sweetest of smiles!

The Couple were Martin and Marci. They owned one of the two houses, the other apparently belonged to someone else.
. Martin was born in the older house. He and Marci both spent the first 15 years of their 45 year marriage in that home. It was apparent that the building, though would have to someday come completely down, meant a lot to them, especially to Martin. They built the newer house about 30 years ago when their family began to grow larger.

When I met Martin and Marci, they were in the process of moving back to the house. They were getting older and wanted to return to their old home. unfortunately in their absence the older home began to deteriorate. Martin's brother first came to remove some of the metal roofing and soon after him others would trespass to scavenge the wood.. Over time the house began to collapse in on itself.. All that is left now is two rooms, rotting furniture, some shoes, and random debris.

They kindly allowed me to photograph the house and I believe that I got a couple good ones before I had to leave. Marci came over at some point and pointed out the different objects left behind. Stuff that belonged to her children, mother in law and husband.. It was emotional to her and I hope that I was respectful enough while there. I must have been, she invited me to come back and suggested that I return when her son is around! Tempting! LOL! ;P

Like I stated before I don't usually get to hear the story behind my chosen subject matter. When I crawl around a place like this I am normally alone and I guess in some way detached from the reality. These ruins are no different to me than those in Rome. This experience, however, has given be a new perspective or direction with my photography.. I realized that I am capturing American Stories. Even when I don't know the story.
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Martin and Marci
Martin and Marci
Back of the hosue
Back of the hosue
old record player just sitting on …
old record player just sitting on…
Shoes once belonging to their now …
Shoes once belonging to their now…
photo by: hauteboy