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meh... i had wanted a different angle but the wasps wouldn't leave me alone :( next time.

I decided, since we were delayed AGAIN, to revisit one of the houses from the other day. 

It was tempting to return to the Rattlesnake house.... I wanted to see if I could get that pic, but I knew better. Instead I went back to the 3rd house, the one with the strange cement path through the middle.. You know the one I had left the other day because I thought I heard some sort of wild animal walking around. 

Well I convinced myself that I had imagined everything. That the noises were really just from the wind blowing through the tree branches agains the house or something....

I don't know why this house both intrigues and scares me.. But I need to capture it with my camera.. And I will keep going back until I feel satisfied. 

This time I walked straight up to the front door and entered.

This is the strange hallway with concrete floor.. it was in this room and right after this picture was taken when I began to hear the crazy animal noises..
. Took a deep breathe and continued toward the back.. It was there that I heard the noises again.. but this time it wasn't something walking around behind a closed door... It sounded like a huge animal attacking and tearing its prey apart.. The din was similar to that of my cats attacking one another or dogs fighting over a bone.. it was a horrible noise..

Fierce and devoted to the kill..   

I didn't know where it was coming from.. I had nothing on me to protect myself. Just my camera, which isn't much of a weapon. I tried to find something on the floor to pick up incase what ever it was outside decided to come inside. but no luck.. Simone was parked maybe 200 hundred feet away from the porch.

Heart beating, adrenaline pumping and I run toward Simone! Hopped in and drove back down the dirt road. 

I'm gonna return to this one too.. I didn't get the pictures I wanted nor did I get to see the rest of the house.. 

But Mountain Lions (or some sort of big texan kitty), Stray dogs, Herds of wasps, Ginormous spiders, Rattle snakes and whatever the heck it was outside getting its dinner.... I think i can say that I have had my fill of Texas wild life this week! 

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meh... i had wanted a different an…
meh... i had wanted a different a…
This is the strange hallway with c…
This is the strange hallway with …
My shadow looking lovely.. ;P
My shadow looking lovely.. ;P
photo by: esterrene