Its good to see you again Washington! But damn today is sucking!

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I have been to Washington state before. 9 years ago. of course I loved it, but not just for the scenery and culture. It was the trip where I became a Vegetarian and in Seattle I bought my first Vegetarian cookbook, which I still have and cherished because it was so helpful with my veg transition! Now I am back again!! Its still as green and rainy as I remembered it! :P :P

The trip from Oregon was horrendous!! 400 miles and 12 hours in the car!!! Which is nothing new for me, but I wasn't even able to stop and use the restrooms because we were on a rushed deadline!! Now you may ask why did it take so long to drive from oregon to washington… Well the truck weighs 232,000 lbs! We are 183' long, 15' wide and 15'5" high.
. Those dimensions keep us at a much slower pace than other vehicles.. several times we travel at a pace of 10 MPH up a hill. Sometimes we have to ramp bridges due to height restrictions and when we do ramp a bridge we have to stop and raise the tower, cross the road and stop to lower the tower before heading on down the road. Some bridges we can not allow others vehicles on while the truck is crossing, and some bridges are so narrow that we take up the whole width and therefore must stop oncoming traffic…

but like I said we were feeling rushed to meet the deadline. And I say 'Rushed' with a bit of an attitude! Work has been building up some unnecessary stress this week!! Last week a driver nicked a bridge with the towerbase.. He too was feeling rushed by those working in the offices, and by site managers to get the tower base to the jobsite,, in the process a mishap happened.

you see in this job, like every other job, there is immense amount of pressure to make deadlines, but the difference with our job compared to some others is that rushing could cause some serious injury to people and or the load. Those sitting in the offices have no clue to how the slightest change in weather can affect the ability of a truck and different trailers pulled. In that sense these huge pieces of machinery are much like people, They are all affected differently. The customers don't understand that we can not just pick something up and take any route we choose and drop it off at the destination of their choice. We need permits for each state and each state has its own set of laws of what is legal and what is not.. Some states just don't want us passing through at all.
Each state also has its own weather laws.. Oregon, for example, has chain laws and when those laws are in affect we HAVE to stop. We have a long list of supplies to carry on us and if something unknowingly doesn't work we are heavily fined instead of given a chance to fix. There is no room for human error, heck there is no room for simply being human half the time… its a real mess people… if we make a mistake we are told that we should have done A,B and C, but if we follow A,B and C we are lazy and in the wrong for holding everything up..

Luckily the driver who had the mishap was okay and no real damage happened to the bridge or the tower except for a scratch, but the event has sent massive waves through our little working community and we are all being "punished" with a 5 week work suspension from Windtower projects.

So please the next time you are stuck behind one of us please understand that we don't want to slow you up, we have no choice and if we were to speed up there wold be an accident… MY job is to prevent you from getting hurt..

We finally made it to the jobsite, PAST curfew and, thanks to the site manager, with a possible DOT ticket!!! When we arrive at the base of the hill they have us park on a wide gravel spot with trailer hanging halfway into a curvy mountain the road.. Obviously NOT a good idea and several people were angry with us, but no one had a workable solution.. After an hour we were able to adjust the truck so that it wouldn't be hanging out into the road as much..

Meanwhile I had to peee like a ROCK STAR and there was nowhere for me to go… I couldn't leave the truck because my father and the other escort left to check out another site and to talk with the manager.

And to top my miserable day I realized that I left my new favorite book at the hotel in Idaho!!! :(:(:(

Todays upside: I saw cranberry bogs!!!! and the pacific ocean again ;P

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There isn't much room around the …
Cranberry Bogs!!
Cranberry Bogs!!
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