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The last time I was here I only had 20 minutes to walk through and photograph the first images that caught my attention! I promised myself, like always, that I would return to this little development of rural decay to further explore with my camera..

We had just delivered the tower base to a new wind farm outside of Twin Falls, ID and had plenty of time to drive to Clinton, IL for another base.. With all of this free time available i decided that I would revisit Table Rock Road.  The place has been in my thoughts for months now... And even now after having visited it for a second time I still want to return again with different lighting and maybe even take a few red dress pics there as well!! (Thanks to my friend Scott for THAT bit of inspiration! :P)

Last time I drove Simone up to the development and parked just outside the road entrance.

Some houses were singled out for abuse
.. This time I decided it was best to park at the abandoned gas station about 1/2 mile away.. There were signs all over the place stating no trespassing and I really don't know if the company still sends people to check on the area or not.. There isn't any cover to hide Simone  and the entire development is easily viewed from the Interstate...

I change into more practical footwear and set off to TRR!!

This time I wanted to focus on details that I had missed before. I also wanted to venture inside a couple of the houses.. I didn't last time due to time restraints..  

Once inside the development I make the decision to again NOT go inside... With more time on my hands to really take in the details of my surroundings I can see all the evidence of squatters.

. First I look into the ground floor windows of the "big house"  at the beginning/end of the road and see several sleeping bags and other personal objects... Later I find unbroken windows with blankets hung up to keep light out, and more objects suggesting that there were a group of people squatting..  

Out of respect for their privacy and personal space I decided to remain outside... These people don't know me or my intentions and I don't wish to put them into a situation where they may feel that they have to react defensively. Interestingly the last time I was here I felt like I was being watched by a few of the houses. Perhaps I was.. I never did see anyone while I was there, just their belongings.  

Of course once I realize that there were probably several squatters in the area my dad calls me on my cell thus disrupting the peaceful silence and alerting all that may not know of my presence that I was there! Thanks Dad!! Haha he has ALWAYS had the worst timing with his phone calls! THE WORST!

From what I saw through the windows it looked rather cozy inside.

empty lot... I don't think they ever finished building some of the houses..
the carpet was still plush looking and some places still had their walls intact.. Several houses looked like they had been gutted and terribly abused.. while others looked like they were spared some of the same cruel treatment.. perhaps because these houses were the houses people choose to dwell inside. 

I took my time walking around, poking my head behind houses and fences... The sun was still pretty high and intense which can make for some great photos, but the angle was not good for a few of the shots that I was hoping to get.. Still I think I made out pretty well!

There came a point when I thought for sure I was caught!!! I noticed that there was an official looking blue pickup truck driving down the dead end road that I had parked Simone.

I quickly jumped inside the garage of one house and after a few minutes peeked outside to see where the truck was heading... The truck was gone, but I couldn't be sure if it was really gone or just out of sight... I don't even know if the truck was someone with the gas company that owns the property..

I waited a few more minutes to see if anyone was gonna drive through the development and when it was clear that I was safe from being caught I continued exploring the rest of the road..

The solitude and stillness of Table Rock Road was intense! I found myself at the end just sitting in the middle of the road itself listening to the din of the birds and sharp buzz of a few insects..  The sun was warming and a gentle breeze was calming... I could have spend hours there relaxing and meditating at the spot.


Eventually I got up and walked back to Simone.. Cutting across the field and crawling under the barbwire fence I find myself back to Simone in no time!  But before I reached her a sweet couple came up behind me to see if I was stranded! They saw the gas station sign and didn't realize that it was closed, but then saw me and wanted to make sure I was okay before they drove away.. It was kind of them :) 

Onward to Cheyenne! :)

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