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I made it to my Parents' home safely and while we wait to see what is happening with work, I am coming to the painful realization that my beloved bearded dragon, Escher, is not well..

My mother has spoken to me about it earlier this month and like most daughters I like to think that mom is just exaggerating the negatives. That was until I saw him. In the few short months that past since I was last in New Jersey my sweet Escher had lost a considerable amount of body weight. The poor guy is unable to eat or drink without assistance from us nor does he move or open his eyes. He is a barely breathing skeleton and I had to make a very painful decision to have him put asleep this past weekend..

I would like to pay respects to a dear beloved friend, my sweet Escher, who was also a fellow traveller.
Escher sleeping on a sleeping Oliver
Not many lizards can say that they lived in three American States (Tennessee, New Jersey and New York)!

Escher was 9 years Old when he past away. According to our family vet he was the oldest Bearded Dragon he has ever seen. A fact that kinda makes me feel better when tears begin to build. He was well loved by the family and close friends, and he will be greatly missed.

When I first brought Escher home from a local Memphis pet store he was the size of my thumb. He was such a handsome little guy perched high on his branch and alert to everything around him. I immediately fell in love with him and named him after one of my favorite 20th century artists, M.C. Escher. It seemed to fit him. I would spend hours in front of his tank, watching him watch me.
Friends would come over and we would let him run around the house at his own pleasure. One of my favorite nights was sitting in the kitchen with my roommate and a few friends, All heavily buzzed from tequila and Long Islands watching Escher climb the rabbit cage. When he go to the top he would sit, tilt his head and look us straight in the eye. It was like he wanted to be apart of the conversation.

Everyone loved him. Even my Ex's little tiny Italian grandmother would feed him and take him out of his tank to watch her favorite T.V shows. He would rest on her shoulder and watch her talk to him.

He loved running through balloons, White doors, chasing crickets, peas, sunny days, fresh sand, wooden branches, his basking rocks, perching on my shoulder during our summer walks, Charity's room, and people. He was very social lizard who had no fear of other household animals. But he did not like birds.

We buried him in the garden by my parent's house in a lovely lovely felt lined box painted by my sweet nieces. He is now surrounded by new Spring flowers and never far from loved ones.

I love you Escher. Rest in Peace..
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Escher sleeping on a sleeping Oliv…
Escher sleeping on a sleeping Oli…
Princeton Junction
photo by: esterrene