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Remember the Alamo!!!!

I have to admit that I was utterly shocked at how small the Alamo actually is in real life!!! I guess its true when they say that size really doesn't matter.....

There wasn't enough time tour inside the main building, but my father, John and myself did explore the grounds, walk around an interesting exhibit of early Alamo artifacts in the giftshop and explore a gallery along the wall depicting the history of the area. I was impressed with how complex the local history really was. Not that I expected a minimal history, but I can't honestly say that I knew very little about the mission except for the famous cry "Remember the Alamo" and that Ozzy Osbourne was once arrested and later banned from the city of San Antonio for urinating on the Alamo.
. After seeing how small the place is I can see how an insanely drunken Ozzy would have mistaken the famous building as a common stone wall. When I was looking for the Alamo I was looking for something larger and flashier. All the photos I have ever seen of the building makes it look so much more larger than what you see standing before you. This is not a negative, in fact I am amazed at how well the Alamo can blend in with the modern city of San Antonio growing around it. From my understanding the city didn't always cherish the fort remains and at one point there were plans to demolish it for redevelopment. Thankfully some good citizens put an end to that horrible idea. We need our history. The good, the bad, all of it!

Prior to visiting the Alamo we walked around and along the famous and well loved River Walk.
Areas of the river walk are littered with touristy places and restaurants, but if you look hard enough you will find details that even the locals overlook. ;P Overall it was peaceful. We ate at one of the many Mexican restaurants. I don't even remember the name. Did some souvenir shopping for my lovely nieces and bought myself an awesome cowgirl hat! Now I just need a place to wear it ;P

Note: I wouldn't recommend jumping in the water though.. it looks a bit gross... just saying ;P

The next day we visited the McNay house.. I will write a more detailed blog regarding the McNay House for my Art, Art, Art and More Art blog.. :P. But I will state that it is a fantastic museum!! Wonderful collection of artwork and Gorgeous Gorgeous house!!! Equivalent to the Frick House in NYC!

(The McNay Blog----- http://www. )

I wanted to find the Almadtheatre but wasn't able to locate it so easily. Instead we decided to explore the historic Market Square. The Market Square was okay. There were loads of touristy gift shops and an indoor market building. The building was jammed pack with vendors and shoppers. I began to feel a bit claustrophobic and had to immediately leave. But from what I did see, the same stuff sold outside was sold inside. It was obvious that it was a heavily touristy place, but worth checking out. Live music was playing in the center and the shops sold better than average touristy gifts compared to most places that I have seen in other cities.
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