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Crossing the country toward the great Garden State and I can't stop myself from pulling off the road for little mini adventures!

I love the state of Wyoming! seriously, I do. The landscape, the color palette, the open sky and long roads all inspire my wanderlusting soul! It feeds my imagination and inspires gripping escapades

So I am driving east on Interstate 80 and passing by Green River, WY when I see a sign for Pilot Butte... I have no idea what this pilot butte is, but I am game in finding out! :P so I get off at the Green River exit and followed the signs for Wild Horses/ Pilot Butte... The entrance was a road that led to a hotel (holiday inn I think) and then led past the hotel to a dirt road. Within a minute it was difficult to believe that civilization was just around the corner! The road was bumpy and the views were stunning.

The road was wide and along the way there were massive piles of what I later found out was Horse Manure. Apparently The park is also home to a heard of wild horses and the stallions like to mark their territory with shit and will often build up a pile along the road as a message to other stallions.. According to one of the info boards these piles can sometimes be several feet high... Fantastic! THANKFULLY I didn't come across one of those big piles, and I am even more thankful that I had skillfully managed to maneuver Simone around them!!!

Sadly I didn't get the chance to see any wild horses.. That would have been really cool!

I drove around until I eventually found the butte (which I learned from another info board was used as a navigational tool by early settlers), admired its beauty and then began heading back to the highway.. Gotta get back to Jersey!

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Pilot Butte
Pilot Butte
WY sunset
WY sunset
Green River
photo by: esterrene